Floating down river dream interpretation


My dream: Floating down a rapid but calm river/creek. It wasn't overly deep. I was in a blow up raft with one other person. I didn't see this person but knew they were female. We set off to float down with another person named Jude in a second raft. We entered first and started off. Jude got left behind. The movement of the water got faster as we went. I kept calling out to Jude. "Are you coming Jude?" "Jude are you there?" There was no answer to these questions but I always sensed that she was behind us and we were just floating to rapidly for her. We got to a part of the river where I asked for the oars and using one oar I was able to get us out of the rapid flow of the water and onto a small sandy water covered bank. The water was always crystal clear. Here we waited for Jude. While waiting I re inflated my half of the raft which had gone flat. The raft was clear on top with a blue bottom. Jude arrived moments later with another raft close by which was full of people. It was being steered by a man standing up with a long oar. Kind of like paddle boarding. Then I woke up.

Water dreams channel the fluidity inside and outside of our beings. Water often elicits emotion and deeply repressed feelings, but water in dreams is mostly a nod to us that it is ok to allow, let go, surrender, and embrace life moment to moment. Dreaming of a river is an indicator that it's time to enjoy the ride in your life. This dream involves floating down a rapid river/creek, a blow up raft with one other person, the appearance of the character, Jude, waiting for Jude to catch up, one raft that went flat, raft structure, and Jude's arrival with a group of people.

Floating down a rapid river/creek: In this case, the water in your dream portends to peace, inner tranquility, softness, grace, and ease in your life's voyage. Rivers and streams are indicators of a journey, trek, adventure, or quest. The fact that it was shallow means that this journey will not be overwhelmed by erratic emotions.

Blow up raft with one other person (female): Rafts are symbols of safety, security, and transportation. They carry us from one place to the next safely and soundly. To dream of a raft means that you will be transported safely to each next stage of the journey.

Jude's appearance in a second raft: It is interesting that Jude is the patron saint of Hope, lost souls, and lost causes. To find oneself floating down a river (possibly without an exact destination) indicates that there is hope one will find one's way in a morass of confusion. Just float downstream and allow for some protection to find you and guide you your way on. In this case, you have a fortuitous friend in Jude who appears in time to care for you on your journey and others on their journeys, too.

Wanting Jude to catch up: If you were waiting on Jude it is likely that you formed a friendship or bond with this new character in your life. Your actions show that your connection with Jude is sincere and that you mean to protect Jude as much as Jude wishes to protect you and your interests.

Oars/using one oar: This could indicate mastery of the skills required to glide gracefully and with trust downstream. Only needing to use one oar shows that this is an easy task to complete, or simply reflects a skilled navigator.

Raft went flat: The raft going flat signifies a release of necessary energy. Someone's energy has gone flat and needs to be revived or reawakened in order to stay afloat. Let go of anything burdensome and watch yourself naturally take to grater buoyancy. Travel lightly, always.

Raft structure: clear on top and blue on the bottom

Jude's arrival with a group of people: Again, Jude is linked to a protector and retriever of lost causes. This is a great sign and fortuitous moment for you to witness more people being rescued and brought along for the journey. Gatherings also typically point to more social outings and gatherings in your life. Be prepared to spend more time in good company with like-minded people who are on a similar journey as you at this time.

Some dreams leave us feeling lighthearted and overjoyed because they bring peace and solace to what are otherwise drab situations and circumstances. When the raft goes flat, the floating continues. That is to say, the show must go on, and flowing with the circumstances as they manifest is paramount. This is a great dream which points towards freedom, elation, and bliss once you agree to surrender and let go. Embrace the moment and look around you to see who else is there to celebrate it.

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