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I had a dream that I was walking to school(I am out of school) and I was late of course I still do not have a car so getting place to place is sometimes difficult my dog was walking along side of me and at the corner of the road there was this very strange house with dangerous looking machinery extended out like an arm of the house my dog kept trying to investigate it and I told him not too and he listened(which is rare) as I was walking my old friends parents saw me walking and convinced me I did not need to go to school.. And proceeded to lock me in their house and refused to let me leave.. They threaten multiple times to kill my dog if he did not stop coming back to check on me and I tried to wimpier under my breath "go rusco", "leave".. He would not listen. I begged and pleaded. I found their keys on the mattress and somehow managed to get out.. I started running with all my might and followed a long skinny road the first person I ran across was mute.. He did not speak "help me" I need help I kept pleading.. I kept running.. He can't help me.. Then o ran across a carriage with multiple people who all spoke like they where from the 80's very distracting and out of the moment... I continued running and found a neighborhood ran from house to house as they tailed me looking for a good spot to hide... This women put me under he floorboards and smiled and said she had done this many times and not to worry. I listened to the first person who said they would help, I was running out of options.. They did not find me. The next thing I remember was going out with my best friend and her boyfriend to this place with loony toon characters all the classics there was a big body of water and wires and rope to swing from and me and Lacey had agreed we would do it.. After all I had made it out of worse.. I'm not sure what this really a means as a whole, this was a very detailed and vivid dream... But everything still seemed so scattered..

Some dreams call into question how freely we are living our lives. Do you feel that you exercise much personal freedom, creative self-expression, or autonomy? If not, then this dream is a wake up call to break free. This dream involves walking to school, a strange house, an odd old couple, finding keys, a mute person, a woman who helps you, hiding, a playground and ocean setting, and achieved freedom.

Walking to school late with your dog: This provides the setting and backdrop for the opening of your dream. It is helpful to have points of reference for any dream sequence. Being on your way to school is a reflection of your normal behavior in 3-D, which is always a good sign. We want our dreams to match our experiences and help us reflect upon them.

Strange house with machinery: The appearance of this house on your walk is a way for you to translate the concept that there are safe and unsafe dimensions permeating our typical day to day reality. Not all homes, buildings, offices, schools, movie houses, and so on are safe or etherically clean. Some places and spaces are dangerous, because they carry the residue of negative energy and dark forces. You are learning to perceive these other realms in your dreams.

The old couple: This is an extension of the strange house with machinery and negative vibes. It could be that your old friend's parents are linked to that dimension in some way. Dimensions are made up of our collective feelings. Each person resides in his or her own dimension, and also shares dimensions with others. It seems like they were trying to control you and keep you from learning or expressing yourself. Be careful not to let yourself be tampered with by overbearing, restrictive people.

Finding the keys on the mattress: This is absolutely crucial to your ability to escape danger and confinement in the dream. Keys are always symbols of freedom or access to knowledge and information that helps you.

Mute person: Some of our fears manifest in people who are not helpful. Your worst fear that you would not find help once you escaped simply took the form of a mute person who could not speak. It is good that you knew to keep running rather than push the issue with someone who couldn't help you.

1980s crew: This could be a strange overlap with a past-time dimension. These happen from time to time in dreams which span past, present, and future.

Woman who helped you: Being placed beneath the floor boards is the safest possible place in this situation, as it is presented in your dream. The woman who helped you is possibly a spirit guide or someone you know who appeared on the scene right when you needed her.

Playground/ocean setting: When you finally break free, you are in good company, since you suddenly find yourself with your best friend and her boyfriend. This is a good sign that you not only escaped confinement, but potentially so did your friends, and you all found each other. The playground is symbolic of childhood dreams and playfulness, and the ocean is a symbol of vastness and expansion.

Ultimate freedom: Ultimately, freedom is achieved in this dream as you escaped both houses and found your friends.

This dream offers you a wake up call, demanding that you break away from any restrictive habits or holding patterns that might be suffocating you in your life. It is not good to hide alone, you must truly break the bonds or ties that bind you and eliminate your suffering by finding freedom.

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