Diwali Celebration with Family Dream Interpretation


Can you check the interpretation of dream. First dream was myself and my mum were at home. 2 little young girls who are naked ask wanted to use the toilet. I ask my mother permission and allow them to enter. Second dream was its was dawali celebration which was somewhere in the hill and will has marathon and lead to a temple and i pray and break the coconut but the coconut was spoil. then i continue to find my mother and sister. suddenly got 1 christian funeral at same place of celebration of dawali. i was thinking why having a celebration at cemetery. in between met my one nephew after i came to another door where alot of waiting outside and i open the door and people came in and as i walk i saw nephew family sitting... continue to walk i saw mother younger sister and family there and i went shake hand and wish them happy diwali and i feel they are cold about wishing me and i suddenly wake up. Just a side note: My mother and younger sister never talk for a reason for many years. even her funeral my mother didnt go. Can you help me find out the interpretation of dream?

It is great when we see ourselves celebrating holy festivals in dreams or even simply gathering together with those we know and love. This is a reflection of a rich inner and outer life. We have beauty within us and around us. You are surrounded by people with whom you feel kinship, which is why they appear in your dream. It is also fortunate that you should dream of a festival in which light defeats darkness. This dream includes being at home with your mother, two little girls (reflective of your inner child), Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, praying with a spoiled coconut, your mother and sister's relationship healing, a Christian funeral, gathering of your family, and the coldness you felt temporarily in your family's interactions and behavior.

At home with mum: Being at home with your mother signifies protection. .You are experiencing the comfort and security of being in a familiar place that resonates with who and what you are at this present moment. You are in good company. Everything and everyone are safe in this environment.

Two little girls in the restroom: The two little girls represent balance and harmony which exist at the core of your inner child's soul and consciousness. Two is a number of balance, stability, and trust. To observe two little girls naked means that something about your inner child has been or is being exposed and revealed to you. Perhaps you need to go back and clean up your act, clear your mind of the past, and release yourself from anything in your childhood that was particularly dirty or unsound (which is symbolized by the restroom).

Diwali & marathon leading to the temple: Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights. It is a great time to celebrate victory of dearness over evil throughout the world, regardless of one's denomination, philosophy, beliefs, or practices. To dream of this festival indicates that you are witnessing or participating in the rebirth and renewal of the light of lights. You are present for a great shift in humanity's collective consciousness in which the world's light has overpowered and overwhelmed the darkness.

Praying with a spoiled coconut: The spoiled coconut could mean that it is time to change the way that you nourish yourself. Make sure that everything you do and ingest and choose to surround yourself with is fresh, rejuvenating, and replenishing. To be praying is to be showing your worship and devotion of this light of lights which has destroyed and dispelled darkness, weakness, worry, and fear from your life.

Mother and sister: Your mother and sister appearing in the dream is mostly significant because, as you mention, they were not very close. It could be that something or someone in another dimension is assisting you all graciously by helping you heal those relationships now. This would be one of the myriad manifestations of light winning and defeating the darkness.

Christian funeral overlapping with Diwali: This funeral may be a reference to the funeral of one of your family members. When a healing occurs, time frames are obsolete. Our subconscious places events next to or overlapping with each other to reveal their equal value and significance to you in your memory banks. This means that the time of celebration at the Hindu Festival of Lights was also a time to erase the painful memories of the funeral and replace them with joy and grace.

Gathering of family & your nephew: Gatherings always portend to great social events and celebrations in the future. You can be sure that the appearance of your family members means that you will soon be celebrating with them again, or that some common bond will bring many of you together on a virtual or physical plane with great joyful dividends.

Coldness in your family interactions/relationships: The coldness in your interaction with family members can be easily cleared. This could be a signal to you from your subconscious to be warmer, kinder, and more open to assisting your family in some way with healing and moving forward out of the darkness of the past and into the light and warmth of the present moment.

This dream portends to great things because you are dreaming of a festival that celebrates the light's triumph over darkness throughout the world. The possible meaning of the dream is that your mother and sister have healed their relationship in another dimension. The coldness that you see in your family's behavior will be replaced by healing, which is mostly brought on or brought about by the fact that the light has won and is victorious over evil.

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