Spider Dream Symbolism


I had a dream about me being curious about the spider, the one what you buy kids and it looks realktic. I was gonna scare my brother with it next thing i know, im morphed into a store. first it was a tarantula toy spider. Then when I went to poke it, a stick appeared in my hand, the toy shifted into a real large black widow. I was in a story like Macy's and I ran to the main entrance. As soon as the mechanical doors opened tons of black widows came in and surrounded me. Lastly, everything went black before I woke up. All of a sudden I have this rush of adrenaline. Like my life was just on the line from the dream. As if it was a reality, my flight or fight senses started to kick in a bit even after I woke up a while after.

Dreams about Spiders

The study behind spider dream symbolism is vastly varied. But more commonly, in ancient lore and dream symbols, spiders are predominantly represented as the symbol of feminism. To be more accurate spiders represents dominant and powerful mothering figures.

Another representation of spider's appearance in dreams is related to feelings of not belonging in a situation or feeling at odds with your own behavior. It is a sign of resisting the temptation or the allure of a situation that is not ideally beneficial for the dreamer. On the same note, seeing a spider in your dreams can mean that you have overcome that destructive situation or behavior.


A tarantula in a dream symbolizes your own darker side, but the more common classical representation of Tarantula is also that of an overbearing female figure.

Black Widow

The appearance of black widow in a dream symbolizes a relationship discontent. In reality, the black widow spider species is famous for its vivacious females who eat their own mates. Hence, in dream symbology, it is represented as feminine authority and ascendancy over their counterparts. Seeing a black widow in your dream can also be a representation of one's own feminine side taking over the rest of the personality, regardless of the fact if you are a man or a woman.


In your dream, the main focus remains on the appearance of spiders, but a significant part is also that of moving of your surroundings from your prior location to that of a store. This shows teleportation, which in dreams indicates unease with current surroundings and a desire to escape.

Your Dream Interpreted

The dream in itself seems divided into three parts. One is, where you treat the spider as a toy. Two is, where you are transported or rather teleported with the spider in another location and the spider turns into a tarantula, and the third and final part is where the tarantula turns to black widow and then when you try to escape, the black widows swarm you. We will try and interpret each portion individually first and then draw a cumulative conclusion. The introduction of spider in your dream as a toy may represent your non-serious behavior towards a situation or a person. Provided that the spider morphs into a tarantula and then into a black widow; more clearly sheds light on this situation, and gives a stronger impression of the spider representing a female in your life, or a feminine trait in your personality. The fact that you teleport somewhere else shows your desire to either escape the situation you are in with regards to that female, or your own current reality. Then the turning of the toy spider into a tarantula and then a black widow, both strong representations of dominating feminine figures or traits. Thereby giving the impression that you are under the influence of an overbearing female in your life, although both tarantula and common spider represent 'mothers' or 'mother figures', the black widow represents 'mate.' Teleportation represents your desire to escape from under this influence and finally, your adrenaline rush confirms this theory of a need to escape. Given the fact that an alive and moving spider dream symbolism has rarely been a representative of a positive feminine force, it is strongly recommended to reconsider your relationships and sever ties that do not feel constructive.

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