Fighting with a black panther dream interpretation


3 nights in a roll i had a dream of this black panther. It would come out of no where and we would look at each other and go about our way. Next time i see it,it would roar at me i would walk up to it and it would run . Now as i write this it would be the third night in a roll... i walking as i did every time in this dream . I seen the black panther in the same spot i did every time . It looked at me as if it wanted to attack me and roared at me so i did the same and it took off over this fence and fell off the roof of a small building . I seen it as it was coming back to me and was roaring, so i started to run at it also, we started to fight one another, next thing i know i was on my back with its pawl in my back digging deeper and every time i move i could feel my back being ripped. I looked at it and could see it was bleeding from its mouth and I had stabbed it in the neck. Finally i woke up still able to feel these claws in my back.

Wild, animalistic behavior is intrinsic to human beings. We were ultimately born wild and free, taking our cues from nature, so it is only to be expected that we should sometimes dream of wild things. This dream of a black panther is signaling to you that there is some inner conflict which you must resolve. This dream involves a black panther, roaring and running, the panther running and falling off a building, fighting with the black panther, and winning the battle after stabbing it in the neck.

Black panther staredown: Black panthers are ferocious warriors of the jungle. They stalk their prey with intensity, precision, and keen perception. Black panthers are also known guardians of the underworld and other realms or spiritual dimensions. When a black panther appears to you, it is either protecting you or hunting you. These can represent your strengths and your fears at the same time, as if they are mirroring an aspect of your consciousness and inner being directly.

Roaring and running: The roaring is a show of bravado, strength, and boldness. The panther is not willing to leave you without making you feel like you've met your challenge.

Black panther running and falling off the building: Some part of your consciousness has manifested inside of the black panther at this point. You are testing yourself, trying to show yourself what you are capable of in another dimension. When you roar and sprint away and fall off the building, it is because you are still learning how to use this new energy inside yourself. Give it time, and your agility and speed will synchronize.

Fighting with the black panther: Fighting with the black panther is an external manifestation of the inner battle that is raging within you. You are conflicted by two aspects of your inner self and you are about which parts of yourself you should act out or act on and which you should lay to rest for now. This battle will ultimately be resolved and the schisms of your consciousness will heal.

Winning the battle after stabbing its neck: When you defeat the panther, it is because something inside of you in the way of tenacity, endurance, and survival won out and subdued your animalistic behaviors.

It is fascinating when we awaken from dreams and can still feel the sensation of being poked, prodded, tugged at, bit, or otherwise inflicted upon by some other substance or energy in our dream segments. This dream is nothing to be alarmed by; it is simply offering a reflection of an inner battle which you will come out on top of as long as you stand your ground and never concede territory to the animalistic forces within you. Tame yourself a bit, but be real, always.

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