Fire Coming from your hands dream interpretation


I dreamed that me and my sister were walking somewhere close our house (WE NEVER DO THAT...) and there was this car and across from the car was a shop, which my sister went into. So the dream shifted me inside the car and the car started moving. I started crying and begging, but then i noticed that we were at home, and they left me AND my sis there. SO i went in thinking that it's okay. Later on in the night I hear a sound in the other room. and i see a dropped plastic bag (to put over someones head) so I ran to my dad and told him. My dad dialled 911 and went inside and started cussing this 1 guy, but what we didn't know is that there were 9 GUYS! and then WHAT WAS SO WEIRD, I SWEAR TO GOD NOT LYING! This was the first time a nightmare turned into something good. Do you know skyrim? Well skyrim is a game and in that game they have fire come out of your hands and kill people. SO I DID THAT............THEY DIED. My dad called the cops and the dream ended!

Some dreams carry us into dimensions of power within ourselves that we did not know to exist. In the case of this dream, you come upon a power that overwhelms the darkness in your immediate environment and you succeeded at overwhelming and eradicating any threat of danger. Some elements of this dream are your sister's presence, going on a walk near your house, the car shop, being inside a moving car, pthe plastic bag, 9 men present, and shooting fire from your hands.

Sister's presence: You are close with your sister. This is reflected by her immediate presence and appearance in your dream. There is something sincere about your connection which is why she appears with you and journeys with you through the dream. This always means that you are both working together to resolve something in the dreamtime.

Going on a walk near your house: The both of you being on a walk together is a continuation of the concept that you are working through something together. This can be a minor or major matter, but whatever it is, you and your sister are a team and are dependent upon each other.

Car shop: The car shop is linked to auto repair which is linked to repairing some mode of transportation whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. Our body mental and body emotional can transport us to places deep within our subconscious, too. Transportation is not limited to the physical realm.

Inside the moving car: Being inside of a moving vehicle simply means that you are moving from one place to the next. You are on a journey of sorts, and you are safe because you are with your sister. Do not be alarmed. It was simply a means of getting you from point A to point B of the dream sequence.

Plastic bag: This is an ominous sign that there is foul play at hand. Whether it was an assisted suicide that is being witnessed or simply a means of covering up a witness's potential vision of a committed crime, it is not ideal that you saw this drop to the floor. However, something like this is simply an external manifestation of repressed fear or subconscious entanglement—that is, your subconscious could have been influenced by the negative energy of someone you passed during your waking consciousness.

9 men present, connected to the plastic bag: The posse of men that are there represent criminals or dark forces and negative energies which you do not want in your presence. It could be that you need to do a space clearing of your house or your bedroom or living room. Simply take a sage smudge wand, light it, and waft the smoke through the room while meditating or reciting prayers for peace and reconciliation. This should clear the negative dross that has accumulated and release you from night terrors such as this.

Shooting fire from your hands: This is absolutely brilliant. When you acquire powers to fend off attacks or negative energy in dreams it is because your subconscious is overpowering and overwhelming your fears. You have taken back your power and control over the situation in a very real way and it is paying off in fantastic dividends for you and your loved ones. Do not be afraid; you have the wherewithal to succeed against all odds and seemingly insurmountable adversity by the spark of light within you.

You have an innate ability within you to overwhelm dark energies or negative influences in your life. You love your family and care for your loved ones with loyalty, which shines through when you fight to protect them in this situation. Believe in yourself and in your ability to discern what is safe and what is dangerous. Don't allow your repressed fears to get the better of you, but instead focus on your strengths.

Comments: Fire Coming from your hands dream interpretation

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King Oma 2023-12-02 04:28:58
Have hard this re-occurring dream. Me been on a pulpit and preaching and all of a sudden fire comes out of my hands and people started getting healing and things started happening.
HeliosEos 2023-12-02 04:36:52
Here's an interpretation based on the elements you've described in your dream:

1. Pulpit and Preaching: Dreaming about being on a pulpit and preaching could represent a desire to share your knowledge, opinions, or beliefs with others. It might suggest you feel you have important messages or insights you want to express.

2. Fire in Dreams: Fire can symbolize different things depending on the context. It often represents transformation, passion, or purification. In your dream, fire coming from your hands might symbolize a powerful ability to affect change or influence people. It could also reflect a sense of inner strength, or a creative or destructive force within you, depending on how you see the fire affecting your surroundings.

3. Healing: The act of healing in a dream can be indicative of your nurturing side or a desire to help and heal others, either emotionally or physically. It could also point to your own need for healing or the healing process that you're currently undergoing.

4. Things Happening: This part of your dream is vague but suggests that your actions have a significant impact on your surroundings or on the people around you. It may reflect a belief in your own power to create change or make things happen.

To interpret this dream in the context of your own life, you should consider:

- Are you in a position where you are, or want to be, a guiding or healing force for others?
- Is there a message or philosophy you feel compelled to share with people around you?
- Are you going through a transformative period in your life?
- Do you aspire to have a greater impact on the world or in your community?
Samuel 2023-09-14 20:14:00
Years back, I dreamt of seeing my hand emit fire 🔥 to cut down a coconut seed. Still wondering what it means.... The other day I saw myself fighting large crowd, we were all throwing fire 🔥
HeliosEos 2023-09-15 04:43:07
1. Power and control: The image of your hand emitting fire to cut down a coconut seed may symbolize a sense of inner power, strength, or control. It could suggest that you possess the ability to overcome obstacles or challenges in your waking life. The act of cutting down the coconut seed may represent successfully removing or resolving a problem or difficult situation.

2. Assertiveness and conflict: The dream about fighting a large crowd and throwing fire might signify a need for assertiveness and self-expression. It could indicate that you are in a situation where you feel the need to defend yourself or assert your boundaries against others. The fire being thrown by everyone could represent intense emotions, passion, or aggression related to the conflict.

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