Witnessing your brother's death dream interpretation


I had a dream that I woke up out of my sleep and my little brother was stabbed to death in the stomach. I was obviously very emotional and it seemed completely real because I was remembering and talking about things that him and I did together in real life the day before. In the dream or nightmare I should say, I had to be the one to tell everyone what happend and when I did everyone that I told didn't seem to care and it made me very upset and the one person (my mom) that I would actually cry to and hug in that situation was not there and sadness started to turn into frustration . I'm the dream I was very un easy and didn't want to sleep in fear that whoever did that to him would come back for me and the rest of my family. In my room have have a huge sliding glass door and my little brother sleeps right next to it so in the dream I would try to close and lock it but it wouldn't work and it turns out (in the dream) everyone from the city I live in has vanished... I know it's weird it doesn't really make sens... Then everyone in my house was ready to leave somewhere and I went back in my room to say goodbye to my little brother and then I woke up out of my dream breathing really hard and on the verge of crying. I got straight up to check on him, make sure the door was locked and closed layed down and just felt so thankful that the dream wasn't real. Side notes: It was freezing cold when I woke up in my room. Him and I share a room. I am 18 and he is 12. I live with 2 older brothers and my parents. Sorry for the long post and sorry if there are mistakes in grammar, I just woke up and it's 5 in the morning.

Many dreams can leave us feeling unresolved or troubled, especially when they involve death or scary circumstances. However, we are relieved upon waking up and realizing they were nothing more than our subconscious fears manifested. This dream involves watching your little brother's stabbing, being upset that no one was phased by his apparent death, living in fear after his death, a sliding glass door, the city's people vanishing, and waking up to make sure your brother was all right.

Little brother stabbed to death in the stomach: This is a horrible thing to have witnessed, and I am sorry that you saw this happen inside of a dream. What this could mean is that one of your greatest fears simply manifested, which was to witness such a heinous crime. Do not take this literally.

No one was upset, and your mother was not present: Being angry about the fact that no one was phased by this is more evidence that it likely did not happen. I don't doubt that it was real for you inside the dream, but it could be that inside the dream everyone else was experiencing a different reality and so they didn't believe your brother had been harmed.

Living in fear after his death: It is natural to fear something that you have just witnessed and not wish it to happen to you or anyone else you know and care about. Take this in stride. You learn soon that it was just a nightmare and not real or true.

Sliding glass door separating your rooms/living space with your brother: This relates to a splitting of dimensions. You and your brother maintain your own personal space. You are separated by a thin veil, much like life and death. The sliding door is a way for your mind to translate dimensions of life and death.

The city's people vanishing: This element of the dream could be linked to your fear of your brother's homicide inside the dream. Perhaps you were feeling as though this event or crime would occur to everyone else and so your subconscious manifested a mass murder spree. Again, it was only a nightmare and not real or true.

Waking up to make sure your brother was still there: Waking yourself up inside of dreams is a great lucid dreamer's tactic for breaking away from a dream segment, especially if it is harrowing or fearful. You did the right thing by checking on your brother to assure you that it was only a dream and no harm came to you or to him.

Fear not because this dream is simply a manifestation of your deep-seeded fears and anxieties about death and dying. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your anxieties or concerns, but instead live every moment of this life to the fullest and occupy your mind elsewhere. Stay in the dimension and realm of the living and things will surely work out all right ultimately.

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