Clown Phobia and Dreams


What does it mean if I dream about being in school and receiving a text message from my best friend saying "Hey, I just wanted to let you know I'm stuck with another killer clown. " I was in school and I was worried about him so I message him back "please be safe." Then woke up right after my finger pressed send. When I woke up from the dream I immediately texted the person and they said they were fine, nothing was wrong.

Dreams and Current Media Outcry

Dreams are heavily influenced by the happenings in your surroundings. It is nearly impossible not a have in your dream, a visit from the entity that has captured your attention for any significant amount of time. It does not matter whether the attention paid to the entity was intentional or not. If you seriously thought about it, you may experience it in your dreams as well.

The American newspapers and social media feed in the past few months have been filled news of menacing figures dressed like hideous and scary clowns, trying to harm private properties as well as chasing and scaring kids in the area. This presented a very dangerous security situation for local crime fighting authorities, and many hometown security alerts were sent to schools and distributed among parents, to warn them of the situation and asking them to stay alert and vigilant.

Just log on to YouTube, and you can view so many such clown encounters that it remains a baffling fact that how any of the culprits were not caught. And this gives rise to further speculations, and unresolved feelings causing disturbing feelings and dreams.

Clown Figure symbolism in Dreams

Although in classical symbology scriptures Clowns were depicted as figures of silliness, light-heartedness, and an innocent side to one's own personality, it is not the more prevalent representation nowadays.

With its horror creature like representation in movies, pop literature, social media and a high increase in clown phobias, clowns in dreams more often than not represent a shadowy and scary individual in your life who intends harm to you and your loved ones.

If you do have clown phobia, it definitely means the clown presence in your dream is of sinister origins. It may represent someone in your life hiding beneath a facade.

Receiving and Sending Text Message

In your dream after receiving the message from your friend that, 'I'm stuck with another killer clown,' you text back too. This receiving and sending of text messages, symbolize your close association with friends. The dreams that depict dreamer frustration when unable to read or send a message, symbolize the dreamer's feeling of unease in able to connect with others. You, on the other hand, were able to receive and read the message; as well as send a message to your friend, asking about his welfare. This clearly indicates your close ties and understanding with your friends and family.

The Dream Interpretation

This dream seems to represent a sinister setting. But if viewed in light of all the commotion the clown sightings are causing its interpretations seems much simpler. The clown reference in a dream may have been caused due to all the attention this news is generating, but it is your subsequent reaction that may be of more importance. The successful and immediate receiving and sending text messages without any problem; indicates that you are in fact a successful communicator and you can count on others to be there for you when in needs, and you will also in return the favor.

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