Dream: 'Save the Church' order


Please explain this dream of mine that I had a week back. I had a deceased catechism teacher of my holy communion days speak to me. Her words were, go and save the church... Please explain what this means, from that day this dream is always in my mind.

Dreams about an Authority Figure: Specifically a Teacher

To see an authority figure from the past or present in your life, in your dream, suggests that you are seeking advice, guidance, or knowledge in your life. As a teacher is a vital personality in a student's life, viewing your teacher in a dream shows your desire to learn even more from your teacher then you were previously able to. The subject that the teacher used to teach is also very important. Given the fact that your teacher used to teach you 'Catechism,' this may indicate that you are in search of religious and spiritual guidance in your life.

Symbolism behind Church References in Dreams

Viewing any religious abode in a dream symbolizes purity and spiritual nourishment. Referencing the Church in your dream, indicates that you are spiritually reevaluating your life path, or are at least, ready to debate your life path.

The Churches represent the value system and all those beliefs you hold consecrated, thus when Churches are mentioned in dreams they indicate a desire to have a fulfilling guidance and reassurance system to sustain your belief and confidence.

What being instructed in Dreams Indicates?

If you are being 'Directed' or 'Instructed' positively, in your dreams, it is a very healthy sign for you. Being directed to do good in dreams indicates that, you in your conscious mind are on the right track towards self-realization. You already have a clear mind towards your goals and purpose in life and are willing to work towards these goals.

The Dream Interpretation

Although this dream may seem to point towards a lofty task put upon your shoulders by an important person that used to have a huge impact in your life, but in fact, the dream may be an indication that you are already working towards this task. The proud instruction, 'Go and save the Church' when viewed in the light of dream symbology, may indicate that you hold your faith and religious duties in the highest regard and are tireless working towards making yourself a good Christian.

Do not doubt yourself that you are lacking something in your beliefs; hence, you got the visit from a former religious studies teacher to mend your ways. It is rather the opposite of it, this dream validates that your Catechism teacher, whom you obviously view in high regard for her religious knowledge and faith, is 'validating' and not demanding further actions, your personal growth in 'Church,' which represents your personal belief system.

View this dream as a corroboration of your efforts, not a lack of thereof.

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