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I had a dream that I was running so fast everything around me was moving in slow motion. It was like an ability I had to practice and get better at. It began by Me trying to move and not being able too. I began pumping my legs as hard as I could (it was like doing high knees in place) and a force of static energy built up. I could feel it building in my body, a very intense energy that made my legs feel like I was being shocked by a taser and the rest of my body tingled like some ambient electric energy was making my hair stand up. All of sudden, I began to move. I felt as if I was running normally but everything around me was moving in slow motion. I ran around for a bit, just staring, watching things unfold 100x slower than a normal speed. I began to lose my breath so I stopped moving my legs and everything went back to normal. I ran across an entire city in the time it took for a stop light to switch from red to green. It was an amazing feeling. After that I was able to control it willingly by just pumping my legs really fast and leaning in the direction I wanted to go. Does anyone know what this could mean? If it helps, I was back in my hometown where I haven't been in a few months to see a high school football game that was strangely located at my elementary school. I found myself chasing a girl who somehow, even though everything else in the world was moving in slow motion, could outrun me by at least 5 feet.I really want to know what this means.

It is a profoundly impacting gift when we receive new abilities that lead us in new directions in our dreams. In the case of this dream journey, you find that you have the power to bend and control space and time. Take this gifts seriously, and they will teach you things about life and reality. This dream involves running fast while the world moves in slow motion, feelings of intensity and electricity surging through your body, things returning to their normal speed, the expansion and contraction of space and time, controlling time, leaning in the direction you want to go, returning home, and chasing after the girl (possibly of your dreams).

Running fast while the world looks to be moving in slow motion: You are learning here to use your new ability to move forwards and backwards in time. Things that are moving faster than the speed of light have the ability to go backwards in time, or slow down the motion of surrounding objects and people.

Feelings of intensity/being shocked by a taser: This is because of the changes in your energy field. Because you are tampering with space-time, your body is going through new experiences and energy waves that you have never experienced before. It can be exhilarating.

Electricity surging through your body as you ran faster: Again, this electric surge and pulse of energy through your body is a way for you to understand that your vibration and oscillation on the physical plane and in other dimensions has gone up. You are moving faster, lighter, swifter, and with greater agility now. This is an exciting time in your soul's development.

No longer running, suddenly things returned to their normal speed: Everything returned to normal because you were no longer moving faster than the speed of light. You are testing yourself, testing the waters of your new ability, and testing the rest of the world juxtaposed with your new self.

Expansion of space and time/space and time warping: Space and time will expand or contract according to how fast or slow our own energy is moving. Everything is relative.

Controlling time: This is another new ability that appears to people who become very skilled at lucidly dreaming. The ability to control time helps us to heal our past and move on from it, work boldly and bravely in the present, and conspire to bring about our greatest imagined future or destiny.

Leaning in the direction you want to go in the inner worlds: Yes! This is absolutely one of the tricks of shortening the distance between you and where you wish to travel in your dreams. You sound like a very highly-skilled and accomplished dreamer. Even in your day-time meditations, if you imagine yourself in an inner dream world, you can imagine leaning your body towards anyplace in the world you wish to visit and simply taking one giant stretch-leap forward to that place. Before you know it, you're there! Try jumping to India or England or France. You can go anywhere you want inside your inner vision, in a short time frame, too.

Watching a football game at your elementary school: This is a way for your mind to ground and root you back in your hometown, closer to reality. These are minor details compared to what you've been seeing and experiencing throughout the rest of the dream. They are simply your subconscious nodding to you that it's safe to come home.

Chasing a girl who could outrun you: This is interesting, especially if you have a love interest in mind at present. Could she be someone you've been looking for or looking to date? It could be that you are nearing a new relationship.

Dreams in which we bend space and time are the most exciting and thrilling. They portend to great journeys, adventures, and quests in 3-D waking consciousness. You are developing new skills and abilities that will help you experience wild and exotic places in your dream journeys. Enjoy the ride and remember to hold onto your hat!

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