'Chasing Objects' Dreams

I dream about crocodile running after me and some other guys in the river, but the water in the river was dirty that I only recognized the head of the crocodile running behind us , and i was the frist person to swim and get off the river while others where left behind me.

Chasing dreams are perhaps one of the most common kinds of dreams that are told to dream analysts and dream interpreters. These dreams usually leave behind a sense of urgency and alarm, that the dreamer wants to be understood, and addressed at the earliest. To understand your chasing dream first you must understand 'what' or 'who' is chasing you. The symbology behind 'the pursuer' may be able to help you understand the intended message of the dream more clearly.

But before understanding the 'pursuer,' you have to understand what the chasing dreams may symbolize. Being chased in your dream may signify a variety of emotional states for the dreamer.


Being chased may signify your avoidance to address an important issue. Seeing yourself running away from a pursuer may be an indication on your trying to run away in your real life from the problem.


Being chased may signify your close-minded behavior towards a certain subject or matter. If you are unwilling to listen to others opinions and point of views on an important matter, then this rigid action might make you more anxious about your own final decision. Thus, you might feel chased by other's opinions, resulting in you having 'chasing dreams'.

Trying to Escape from Yourself

If you have conflicting emotions about a matter of significant importance in your life, then you also might experience chasing dreams. These dreams may be your own self trying to escape from the confining nature of your nature's other aspect.


The most common dream among those who live their lives under the fear or external circumstances is, chase dreams. Fear of oppressive parents, competitive siblings, abusive relationships, demanding professional life, wanting social life; virtually any kind of fear that gives you anxiety has the potential to give you chasing dreams.

Chased by Crocodile in Dream

Although seeing a crocodile in dreams symbolize raw power, aggression, and snappy attitude. Keeping in mind the proverb, 'Crocodile Tears,' seeing a crocodile in the dream may also symbolize that your life is surrounded by dishonesty or deception. This deception might be your own doing, or it might also be an indication of you being manipulated for unethical reasons.

If in the dream you see yourself being chased by a crocodile, it may imply that you feel very uncomfortable about a current situation in your life. Being chased by a crocodile indicates that you are under stress about a conflicting situation in your life and it is causing you dearly in emotional as well as physical areas of your life.

Successful Escape!

Given the fact that you manage to get out of the water and escape the crocodile unharmed is an indication of your steadfastness in the matter. If you believe in your cause, the dream is an indication that you will be able to overcome your tough situation.

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