Running from a pitbull dream interpretation


I had a really bad dream tonight. In my dream, my sisters and I were walking outside to our shed. My parents starting yelling to us urgently to get back inside while headed our way. We ran indoors to see a hostile pitbull roaming about. (I think she was a reddish-brown... She looked like a dog that is down the street from my house though.) My dad got his pistol from him truck. We have experienced things like this before, but I still take interest in watching, so I watches from the window. My dad shot the dog in the shoulder. No blood. The dog didn't wince. He shot it in the stomach, then in the thigh. The dog still was down or bleeding. The shots looked more like dents in metal. My dad shot the dog in the skulls but now the dog was growling at him. I woke up as the dog was running at my dad to attack. I am really scared. My dad is on a job and doesn't know when he'll be back. If someone could try and help me find the meaning of my dream or secure that my dad is safe, then I appreciate it deeply.

For the most part, human beings observe in their dreams whatever they are going through or working through in 3-D waking consciousness. Our dreams mostly apply to ourselves, our own personal experiences, and our own sacred journey. Sometimes we dream about what others are going through, as is the case with this dream you had of your father running away from the pitbull. This dream includes walking with your sisters, your parents' presence, the hostile pitbull, shooting at the dog to no avail, the dog's condition, and the dog being on the attack.

Walking outside the shed with your sisters: There is strength in numbers. It is empowering to be with others when you are investigating something. Know and trust that you have your sisters' support with you at all times, especially if it appears to you in a dream journey.

Parents yelling to get inside: They were simply looking out for your safety and making sure that you girls weren't getting into any trouble at the hour when this took place.

Hostile pitbull: Your subconscious could be overlapping with your neighbors' subconscious, since you said the dog looked similar to one that lives down the street from you. Sometimes neighbors share each other's dreams or influence each other's dreams with certain elements. It is not uncommon.

Shooting the dog's shoulder: When your father reached for the pistol and shot the dog in the shoulder, it seems like he was trying to protect it from being harmed or severely injured.

The dog's perfect condition: Fears are elusive, as are anxieties. This dog likely represents anxieties or fears which you have not thought about for a while and which are now coming to the surface to be addressed. It is curious that the dog does not suffer any injury, but this is also because of the nature of what the dog represents. Fears and concerns or worries cannot be injured or harmed, but rather faced and confronted head on with strength and courage.

Dog on the attack after shots/attempts: It seems that you were dreaming of your father's repressed fears, anger, doubts, worries, or concerns. Possibly being away from home is something that rouses fear or anxiety within him, and that is why it is chasing him while he is away from home.

Security: Your father's security is assured. Especially when we do not see the end result, it is because it is up to the other person to finish their own story. Your father faced his fears with courage when he stood before the pitbull and did not flinch.

Do not be alarmed by this dream; it is simply a way for your subconscious to translate to you what your dad is going through. He will resolve it. Despite running away, he will ultimately reconcile, heal, and mend whatever schism in his consciousness produced the dog's appearance to begin with, so have no worries.

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