Seeing a black wolf while walking dream interpretation


As I was falling asleep last night, closing my eyes...a video on my phone and a movie on the tv.... (nothing to do with animals) I fell into a quick dream, walking down a street and behind a brick wall, this big black wolf came from around the corner and jumped at me, snarling and I jerked awake, in a gasp ..eyes wide open. I've never had a dream like that. I've been paying attention to my dreams and deciphering them lately..I almost instantly knew it was saying..."keep away"...get back..but from what? Interestingly enough, I have begun yoga teacher training and the last few days I've been relentlessly researching the "Kundalini awakening", listening to the benefits and dangers...and yesterday I spent some time in half price books playing with tarot cards, doing a few spreads for myself for the first time ever. Maybe it was warning me to keep away from those such things(tarot,occult) ... not sure, but I'll take heed.

Animals show us our most immediate behavior, thoughts, mannerisms, and attitude in the present. They reveal to us what we are capable of, what we are denying, or what we are neglecting. In this case, the black wolf tests your character. This dream involves walking down a street and seeing a black wolf, and having an intense encounter with the wolf.

Seeing a wolf while walking down the street: Walking and journeying in dreams is symbolic of your life's journey and quest. You take walks, go for drives, take a ride somewhere by plane or by ship, etc. when you are traveling from one place inside your consciousness to the next. These represent different dimensions in which we exist and which we travel to and through as part of our evolutionary growth process. Your short walk might have actually spanned a year of your life, maybe two years, maybe more. We can never know for sure how long journeys last or span in dreams, but you can usually tell based on how it made you feel when you woke up. For example, if you felt renewed and refreshed, healed, and resolved, then it is likely this walk helped you to resolve or reconcile something from your past. This makes you a voyager into past, present, and future. On the other hand, if the walk simply left you feeling that it was more immediate and pertinent only to the situation or circumstances, than this is a present day event which you should pay attention to right now as it has messages for you about your character and this particular stretch of your journey.

Black wolf: Black animals in particular are associated with night, with darkness, with intuition, and with perception. You have to be careful when black animals bite or attack, because they are extremely protective. You could have been meeting an aspect of your own consciousness which was seeking protection or guarding something, but it is more than likely that this animal represents a hidden dark trait within your psyche. Do not be alarmed by this, simply contemplate who you are and what your motives are at the moment. If you are sound, then do not worry, however, if your motives are not pure then the black wolf represents how others will react to you when you approach them. Be fair and kind in all of your dealings with others and the black wolf's anger and agitation will dissipate.

Staying away from the tarot/occult: Do not be weary of testing the waters with tarot card readings or the occult. It is not all bad, and nor can it all harm you. Definitely avoid the Ouija board unless you are open to receiving communication from and connecting with other realms and dimensions. My advice is that you avoid it, because it can be very dangerous if you invitee the wrong energy into your space. It is best to steer clear of Ouija, but tarot cards are fine; they will not harm you or endanger you. Just don't let them control you or your intentions for your life.

The animals in our dreams are linked to our hidden subconscious. They want us to accept and embrace their messages and take them seriously. Check to see if you have any hidden darkness inside you, and if not, check to make sure you are kind and fair in all your associations with others.

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