Dreams about Broken Toys


Well my cat dream was like this. My dream took place in the trailer home I used to live in and we do have 2 cats there my dad still livres in that trailer with my older sister and brothers, anyways... Like I said my dream took place in my trailer home and the environment looked like it was bluish like the light of morning barely coming anyways I saw my dark grey cat plating worth a plushie toy of mine I love so much that I never really let anyone play with it again anyways my cat was being mean to my favorite plushie toy and destroyed its eye Burt my toy was different though it was the same but it had 2 faces one in front and one in back and I'm like my toy has never had 2 faces so what the hell is what I thought in the dream anyways again...my toy had 2 faces and my fat ripped out 1 dye from each face when I finally got my poor favorite toy back looming all mauled and pathetic I was so very sad that I wanted to cry cuts that toy holds a very special place in my heart and seeing its eye torn off was horrible for me that I thought of chocking ,my CAT to death but I didn't so I took my toy got glue and tried to fix it but it was no good I dried so much in there and then I saw something while trying to glue my toys eye back and then I woke up feeling displeasure.


Seeing a cat in your dream; any cat, be it a random feline or your own pet cat may represent the same thing. Seeing a cat in your dream, indicates a free spirit as well as female sexuality and authority. But on the other hand, if you are allergic to cats or do not like cats and are afraid of them, then seeing a cat in dreams may also symbolize hardship or bad luck. Cats in negative sense also indicate that you are being manipulated with dishonesty or treacherously.

Also if the cat in your dream is acting antagonistically, then it may symbolize that you are finding it hard to embrace the more feminine characteristics of your personality. Take a closer look at your most recent moods and actions; you will be able to get a clearer picture of yourself.

Broken Toy

Although seeing beloved toys in dreams symbolize childhood and innocence, but to dream about handling or playing with broken toys indicate childish stubbornness of sticking to unfruitful endeavors. It may be pointing to your unwillingness to get out of negative situations. Dreaming that someone breaks a beloved toy indicates a absence of happiness, harmony, and/or security you feel in your surroundings. Considering that you hold the toy in a very high regard, seeing that it gets broken and you are trying to fix it indicates that you feel that your current lifestyle or a recent important life altering decision is not giving you the happiness and contentment as you thought it would, or as much as it used to.

Two Faces of the Toy

'Two-faced' objects symbolize their literal meanings. Hence, also of grave importance is, the changes you noticed in your toy. Seeing an object with two faces in your dream, indicates either you yourself, or someone in your life is not being truthful.

Missing Eyes in the Toy's face

The eye is a very powerful symbol in dream realm. Seeing your own eyes, a relative or friend's eyes, or a specific animal's eyes; all indicate a very specific meaning. On the other hand, if you notice someone else's eyes in your dream, then it point towards an passionate or intimate association. If in dream you manage to zero in on someone's or something's eyes then it signifies a mutual respect with it.

That being said, seeing just one eye on an object points towards your denial to admit any added viewpoints in your life. It may imply that you are being excessively one-sided.

Interpretation of the Dream

Many of the symbols that manifest themselves in the dream seem to points towards various areas of discord in your life. The broken toy, the two-faces of the toy, the missing eyes; all signify different aspects of human nature that may require more humility and honesty. The dream may be a message from your own conscience to be proactive and straightforward in your everyday life so you may have a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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