Escaping a plane crash dream interpretation


I had the strangest dream. An enormous black plane carrying a couple of famous people and ministers was taking off. I could see another white commercial plane (smaller than the black one) moving closer to it and I knew they were going to crash into each other. Before I knew it, I was inside the white plane and it was facing a completely different direction, and the black plane was no where to be seen. While I was inside, the plane was moving closer to this high-rise building and it looked like it was going to crash into it immediately, and everyone screamed, but it made a miraculous turn to it's left and we were saved. Then, I was outside the plane again, standing where I originally was, and I saw the black plane and the white plane crash into each other and explode. When I rushed to the site, I saw the two planes, crushed, weirdly overlapping each other, around a pathway in a garden area, and people calling for help. I couldn't see any passengers. I recall staring at the site in horror and grief. And then I woke up.

Planes represent new ideas, new energy, or the expansion of our current list of obligations and engagements. It could be that two aspects of your life and/or career are conflicting or opposing each other. If they are not tempered or paid close enough attention to, then they will cause conflict or disaster for you. This dream involves a black plane, white plane, potential plane crash, being inside the white plane, being saved from the ultimate plane crash, a garden or burial site, and not seeing any passengers.

Black plane carrying famous people/world leaders: The black plane that you witness could be linked to secret or special operations planes which are typically black. Sometimes these are representative of government issued or controlled planes, which is why you dreamt that it was carrying famous people or world leaders.

White commercial plane: The white commercial plane is a typical commuter plane, which stands in stark contrast to the black plane. These are common to see. They represent new ideas taking off or expansion of one's current obligations.

Potential plane crash: The potential plane crash has nothing to do with the passengers that are on board, but is more than likely related to the set of ideas that you have stirring within your subconscious. Perhaps your quest for personal recognition (fame) is opposing your desire to simply do your work and live your life like a normal person.

Inside of the white plane without vision of the black plane: Being inside of the white plane equates you with the passengers who do not maintain any particular status. It also grants you their perspective in the situation.

Being saved from crashing into the building: Your wisdom and insight is what guided you safely away from the scene of the crash. You knew to seek higher ground and rise above your potential troubles by stepping away and gaining new perspective in the situation.

Being safely outside of the planes: Being safely outside of the planes means that you have diverted your energy and attention elsewhere. You are no longer mired by the concerns or worries you once had, or perhaps you are no longer obligated to the things and people that were on the planes.

Watching the planes crash and explode from a distance: It is good that you were at a safe distance. This also means you were stepping back from the situation to achieve a grander, overall perspective.

Garden area/burial site: The garden site is more than likely a burial site. Your subconscious simply substituted a garden for the site of what became the passengers' final place of rest.

Not seeing any passengers: The absence of passengers means that they had taken spirit form and perished in the accident.

In the face of impending disaster, you knew exactly when to check out and seek higher ground. This is indicative of a highly evolved soul who can decipher for him or herself when situations are dangerous, risky, or beneficial to their journey. You should not take alarm by what you witnessed, but be grateful that within you there is a mechanism at work that will keep you safe no matter what the circumstances.

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