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I have had this dream where I was embarking on this adventure saving my family from all these tragedies happing to them in this dark voice talking to me and I did not like it at all and every time that it spoke to me and made me angry and I was changing into a dragon a white Dragon and the next minute I'd seen what the dark voice was but this thing, (I'm not sure what it was) had attack me and some how I had brought it down and defeated the monster , and then afterwards this soft male voice said no need to worry everything will be ok .And then I woke up.

We dream of being knights in shining armor from time to time. We are here to save the day, world! Look out everyone! We're charging into the dream sequence with gusto, courage, and pride. These are always great dreams, indicative of a youthful, active, and imaginative mind. This dream includes adventure, saving one's family, a dark voice, the appearance of a dragon, defeating a monster, and a soft, reassuring voice which appears to tell you everything will be all right.

Adventure: The theme of quest and adventure in any dream is usually indicative of a vibrant and active subconscious. You either see yourself as being responsible for or being capable of saving, shielding, and protecting others. You make it a point to be a leader in circumstances which require strong leadership, and you go out of your way to make others feel that they are safe in your care and company. These are qualities of the knight in shining armor who goes on many quests in his lifetime to save others and right wrongs. Adventure is always a pleasant theme in dreams because it heralds a creative, imaginative human being's birthright and divine destiny.

Saving one's family: To dream in particular of saving your own family is significant. This is because all of our relationships in 3-D translate into feelings, sentiments, and emotions in the dreamtime worlds. To see an exact reflection of this truth both in your dreams and in waking life signals that you are a truthful, honest, and loyal person of virtue.

Dark voice: The dark voice that you hear is likely connected to a demonic force which does not have your best interest at heart. You were likely hearing the voice coming from a dimension separate from the one that we are in, and yet able to observe you and interact with you on some level. This voice is nothing to be alarmed by, especially if it was not immediately connected to a body or person that you may know. Instead of letting it anger you, acknowledge it as a mere passing experience in your journey that can do you no real harm.

Dragon's appearance/transformation into a dragon: Dragons are mythical creatures. They can be either helpful or hurtful, inspiring or frightening, protective or dangerous. Dragons have the power and potential to both create and destroy life with their flame and inner spark. In this case, your anger and frustration with the voice were so great that they manifested as a dragon. However, this dragon was meant to protect and shield you from whatever it was that is the source of this dark voice.

Defeating the monster/dark voice being: When the dark thing/dark voice finally attacked and you fended it off, you used the power and strength of your inner dragon to defeat the monster. You did well, not flinching, not backing away, and not giving it any ground. That is the first rule you should always remember whenever you encounter anything dark whether it be in a dream or in 3-D waking consciousness

Soft voice saying Everything will be ok: It sounds like a very benevolent and kind spirit guide found you in time to assure you that everything had been resolved. You found your way through the experience and arrived as a resolution of peace, tranquility, and protection. You can trust that you are shielded by your own inner flame and spark, and that no harm will come to you or your family.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take a stand and fight to protect something you believe in or admire. Sometimes this requires all of our strength, tenacity, and endurance to defeat the enemies to our success. This dream reveals that you have within you the power and potential for triumph and victory over any external influence that would otherwise compromise your success. Have no fear as you move forward, and do not back down when you are up against dark or negative forces or energies.

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