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I dreamed last night of a parasitic worm being in my left wrist. First my wrist started to itch then it reveled it's tail. I was shocked I pulled at it then it slithered back in my wrist. My roommate was also in the dream standing off at the distance just kind of present there I do not have a good relationship with her any more so I wonder if that is a part of the symbology here. Anyways I made a second attempt to pull the worm out and succeed I dropped it on the floor and it tried to go in ankle I at this point I became aware that it was a dream I crushed the world burnt it to dust so it it could not feed on me anymore. What could be the meaning of this

There are limiting energies all throughout the universe. They are typically negative in nature. Anything that tries to control you is a force of negative, dark control. In this dream, you do well to fend off that negative energy. This dream involves the parasitic worm, your left wrist, your ankle, an itch, your roommate's presence, and crushing the worm/destroying the dark forces trying to bind you.

Parasitic worm on left wrist: The worm in this case represents restriction. It almost acts like a kind of wristband or handcuff. It is meant to limit your ability to move and function. Dismiss it. You were right to do whatever you could to get rid of it.

Left wrist vs. right wrist: Your left wrist is your feminine and intuitive side. Your right wrist is your masculine, logical side. Since your left wrist was the one affected, it means that your feminine softness, intuition, and ability to go with the flow and expand your consciousness is being tampered with or compromised somehow.

The itch: Itches are symbols of trying to get rid of something. We scratch away at whatever is bothering us until it is gone.

The worm's tail: When the worm revealed its tail it is because you scratched away at the surface and retrieved the worm so that you could eliminate it.

Restriction of your ankle: Again, the theme of restriction continues as the worm attempts to bind you by your ankle. This worm will stop at almost nothing to keep you confined. Stand firm, hold your ground, and keep fighting it off. It will ultimately leave you. This means finding places and spaces within your consciousness that allow for maximum freedom of expression.

Roommate's presence/restrictive demeanor: If your roommate appears in the dream and she relates in any way to the dark forces of control, then it could be that she has become a negative or controlling energy in your life. You can reconcile this by speaking with her in 3-D and communicating your feelings to clear the air.

Crushing the worm/destroying the demon: You take back your power and reclaim your authentic freedom in this moment! This is brilliant, because it means that you have tamed the negative forces which were trying to limit your personal freedom or personal space.

Every once in a while, we have a dream that demands that we assert ourselves and stake a claim on what is ours. In this case, you have to stake a claim on your own freedom from restriction. You do well when you crush the worm, which shows that whatever this influence is in your life, you will ultimately get rid of its presence. It cannot harm you unless you let it.

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