Renewed Relationship with Crush of Three Years Dream Interpretation


I have a type of recurring dream in which what is happening changes each time, but also fades into the background and is forgotten because about halfway through each dream I'll find my friend who I've known for three years. I had a crush on him when I first met him but he kindly turned me down and it took a while to get over him but we stayed friends these last three years with no problem. Anyways, halfway through the dream i'll find him then he and I will hold hands and continue to walk around, doing whatever it was the dream had us doing before. We both are comfortable and no one else in the dream makes a fuss, as though they are used to seeing it, and I feel completely at ease, calm, and happy, and as though I never want to let go. Sometimes just before I wake up we'll find a place to sit and just hold each other, just one, long hug. When I wake up i'll find myself having those happy, romantic feelings linger but I know I'm not interested in him anymore. . . Or at least I thought so. Does this mean I've been repressing my feelings instead of actually getting over him? We haven't hung out in almost 6 months, I rarely see him around campus anymore because our schedules don't match up though so maybe it's my subconscious saying I miss my friend? I don't know, but I find it hard to face him after I've had one of these dreams.

Rejected by guy crush of three years: Do not be upset to have been rejected by your guy crush of three years. Often times, people are simply not in any place to be ready to commit to another in a relationship. This memory recall will absolutely influence your dreams, especially when the person in question is someone whom you once cared about/still care about very deeply. Those repressed feelings or emotions will rise to the surface from time to time to signal to us that we, ourselves, are ready to open up to commitment with another human being. It just so happens that occasionally our subconscious will substitute someone we know in our memory archives for someone new who will enter our life.

Holding hands, walking around: It is fortuitous to see or experience public displays of affection in dreams. This means that both you and your partner are ready for the next level of intimacy or simply a deeper connection and a renewed and refined friendship built upon trust, loyalty, and faith in each other.

Ease and calm in a relationship: Nothing is more important than the way a dream makes you feel. Feeling impression and sentiments are what the subconscious amplifies most readily whether we are dreaming or awake in 3-D, operating as we normally do day to day. When feelings of ease, calm, and tranquility enter into the picture, you can be sure that the elements of a situation are coming together cohesively to make for a happy ending or happy beginning. These are dreams to truly cherish; they are gifts of the subconscious which bring us much needed release and resolution, especially if they involve people from our past.

Happy, romantic feelings: The feelings of happiness, unbounded joy, and romance are all linked to dream sentiments of the subconscious. Something within you and this person with whom you have or are soon to connect with evokes feelings of bliss in relationship. Hold on to these feelings loosely with a newfound appreciation for your ability to generate them from within yourself in the company of another whom you trust and can love.

Repressed feelings manifesting: Although it is possible that you have repressed your feelings for this friend, it is more likely that your subconscious is simply substituting someone you know from your past for a character who is soon to enter your life. This could be someone you work with, someone you go to school with, or someone you meet in your recreational activities. Be open to giving and receiving warmth, love, and romance, and the opportunity (as well as the person who helps you) to do so will manifest in your experience.

Facing the music after having this series of dreams: You should never worry about seeing someone from your past, especially when you've had a dream that helps you resolve something that wasn't quite healed the last time you checked in with it. You should be overjoyed, and you might even take the opportunity to share with him some elements of your dream if you feel comfortable.

Dreams are a very important language and form of communication. Our subconscious does not lie, and it reflects the truth of who we are inside and out. Having a dream about repressing your romantic feelings for someone in your life, and then inside of the dream experiencing yourself acting out those feelings mutually and amicably, is a very good sign. Stay open in your heart space and what is meant to manifest will take shape naturally of its own accord in your life.

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