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I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that a stargate portal on the side of a ancient mountain opened up with hold in eryed arrows but then I woke up, and then last night I had a dream of a full moon, a clear night and only one constellation that was shining so bright, was of Gemini and he was feircly shooting his bow, and then he vibrated out the other half of him that was facing himself on one knee in a bow position, while his other half is still shooting the bow. Then I I saw next to this a type of ceramic boot or vase broken off at the top and pouring out of the sky some type of dand.

Many dreams contain mystical messages, but they are only as meaningful as we make them for ourselves. In this dream, you come into contact with a spiritual energy portal that carries you to a dimension of safety, information, and wisdom. This dream involves a stargate portal, moutains, arrows, the full moon, the Gemini constellation, bow and arrow/warrior energy, and a ceramic boot or broken vase pouring liquid out of the sky.

Stargate portal on side of an ancient mountain: Dreaming of stargates is a powerful source of spiritual energy and guidance in your life. A portal is a dimensional rift in the fabric of space and time. These portals exist everywhere throughout the universe, and here on earth. Vortexes and energy portals open up and carry us safely to places beyond our imaginations. To dream of one means that you are being offered a spiritual gift or opportunity to travel to another dimension and learn something pertinent to your journey at this time.

Mountains: Mountains symbolize reaching new inner heights within our consciousness. You have high or lofty aims, goals, and ambitions. You plan to actualize your greatest dreams in this life and will not settle for less.

Arrows: Arrows fire in a particular direction without diverting from their due course. They are clear guiding signals that lead to a specific location without fail in dreams.

Full moon: Full moons are symbols of strong feminine energy because the moon is seen as a Goddess force. They represent intuition, heightened perception, femininity, and grace. The moon is also related to the depth of our dream journeys and mystical spiritual forces.

Gemini constellation: To see only the Gemini constellation in the sky is to be given a message specifically about its symbology and story. This could be a sign that you are entering a new phase of balance and harmony in your life, as Gemini means twins.

Bow & Arrow/Warrior: The bow and arrow links you back to the arrows from the dreams. This is a warrior symbol, with a warrior energy. It calls upon you to be brave, exercise caution in the battles you choose to fight, to be forthright, and to be straightforward in your approach to everything that you do.

Ceramic boot or broken vase pouring liquid out of the sky: (Book of Revelations… pouring the wrath of God onto the Earth) This is an allusion to the Book of Revelations in the Bible which describes the angels pouring out the wrath of God on earth. There could be a new natural disaster that is brewing, or something else, but whatever it is, it makes a huge appearance in your dream and should be paid close attention to by all who witness it.

Take pride in this dream. Not all human beings are able to access sacred energy portals, dream of them, or dream of receiving messages from the stars in the sky. You have an expansive, expressive soul with a highly developed spiritual intuition. This dream reveals spiritual guidance to you to guide you in your journey and keep you on the path of your highest evolution.

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