Stranger and Killer Dreams


I had a nightmare last night. That someone I have seen never talked to was lurking outside my window at my moms house, but only when I am at her house. When he sees me every time he took out his cell phone and take a picture. I got so scared I screamed into the window "GO AWAY!!" and stuck both of my middle fingers up and he had flash on and took the picture. The first time I woke up I looked at the clock it was 3:00 am. I kept going back to sleep but it would only get worse. He would get closer to the window once he finally reached as close as he could get his eyes where black. after that I dreamt that I was trying to go home from a parkade and he grabbed me ,or shot me, I had the man I am deeply in love with me in the parkade he tried to protect me from him and got shot and died. There was no end till I switched sides of the bed and cuddled my boyfriend... Anyone know what this might symbolize?

The pattern with which you are describing in the dream appeared to be referred to as 'recurring dreams.' Most commonly, the dreams appear to you once and deliver to you the messages that you need to consider, but as soon as you start your day and go about your routine, they will face away from your memory, mostly never to be seen again. But in some cases, the message that these dreams aim to deliver are so important or potent, that these dreams just do not dissipate, until you take active action to address them.

To try to discourse upon the message in your dream, understanding what certain figures in the dream may represent will make the message clearer.

Seeing strangers in dreams

Seeing a face previously unknown to you in your dream, indicates that you are facing a part of yourself that is suppressed and veiled by you, either consciously or unconsciously.

Seeing the stranger through a Window

When you add in the location of the stranger in your window, it adds a further more layer on that part of yourself that is represented via stranger. Seeing the stranger through a Window indicates that it is time for you introspect yourself. Dream analysts acutely refer to seeing another face in the window as a symbol of feeling emotionally cold and physically isolated from yourself or from your loved ones. The sentiment portrayed on the Stanger's face may clue you in on your own inner turmoil. Classically, black eyes are portrayals of unresolved conflict.

Given that fact, the Stanger in your dream kept coming closer and had black eyes may indicate that you are not entirely sure of your current relationships with your loved ones and harbor ill feelings towards them. This dream may be a message for you to resolve your own emotional barricades and be more forthcoming to your loved ones. This is certainly a message that is important enough to be repeated until you address it seriously.

Interpretation of the murder in dream

Dreaming of a murder is not a premonition you; it is highly unlikely that if you dream of a murder, it will happen. Rather typically, any dreams of murder transpire because of blocked rage or bitterness in the direction of that particular person.

The Interpretation of the dream

In all likelihood, what this recurring dream is trying to convey to you is a message that you may not be totally being honest in your relationship with your boyfriend, by hiding or suppressing aspects of your personality. This may be either conscious or unconscious action on your part. But this veiled trait might be harming your relationships and you may start to resent your boyfriend for this. So try and implement all the positive reinforcements in your life as you can and most of all start being honest with yourself.

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