Picture-Taking Clown Dream Interpretation


I had a dream that I met a clown and it took a picture of me and my friend, I went home and went into bed and I heard something outside of my room, I hid behind the door and the clown that I had met was there. He found me and said that I was queen of the underworld or something, and so he brought me to hell where I met a bunch of new friends and a vampire was trying to kill us and I stopped the vampire by turning into a wolf?

There are other realms and dimensions which we are sometimes led to in our dreams. When an energy or entity presents you with a special crown or position of authority, it is always best to avoid them and to avoid accepting the gift they are offering. It is generally always linked to the dark forces and negative energies which lurk around the earth plane. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. It means danger. This dream involves a clown taking pictures of you, the clown in your room, being labeled queen of the underworld, new friends in hell, and escaping the vampire.

Clown: Clowns represent silliness, but they can also be linked to fear. Clowns are repeatedly used as scary characters or villains in horror stories either in print or in film and television. This means that humanity's collective consciousness has created the archetype of clown villain which is probably what you were channeling in this dream. Rather than being a silly, appealing character from a fair or festival, this clown has become an unwelcome, creepy guest. Be on the lookout for anyone in your immediate environment who exhibits these qualities or anyone you may even meet in passing who qualifies as this character. Just avoid things and people of a creepy disposition or nature.

Taking pictures of you and your friend: This equates to spying or lifting information which does not belong to the person. Again, this is villainous behavior.

Clown being present in your room at night: The clown followed you, as dark forces sometimes do, into your living space. This is not safe. You should take a sage smudge wand and waft it through your room to get rid of any dark dross that might have accumulated there. This should clear within one hour after you open up doors and windows.

Queen of the underworld: This is not a position you want to be in, because it is linked to the dark forces which control and prey upon weak human beings. Run away from these energies as fast as you can, or otherwise, stand your ground and tell them plainly to leave you alone at once and go find someone else to be their queen. This is wicked stuff; don't get involved with it.

New friends in hell: The new friends in hell are literally the souls of the damned and departed. Avoid these energies. They are not pleasant and you do not want to invite them into your space or into your consciousness.

Escaping the vampire: This is the best action you could have taken

Some dreams really take us through dimensions no one taught us about in school. It is good to see them so that you learn what to avoid in the future. You had an unpleasant guest visit you and try to carry you away to another dimension. You can avoid this happening again by learning to stand your ground and keep your thoughts clean and pure at all times. Then they will leave you alone and go prey upon someone weaker than you.

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