Finding two coins along a path dream interpretation


had a dream that I was at my great grandmothers house and there was an old dirt pathway no one ever seemed to go through. So I went one I got past the bushes I was really old a dead person and just beyond that was coins every were but only two stoud out a coin that had a sun on. It with patterns from the flames and the other with a peacock in it so I continued through the beaten up path Constantly finding the sun coin…..

Dream messages about the afterlife sometimes filter into our present day perception to be reviewed and studied in advance. You had a glimpse dream, a dream regarding the end of your life's journey and its ultimate destination, which is very fortunate and blessed. This dream involves your great-grandmother's house, an old dirt pathway, changing in age and dimension, two coins with different images inscribed on them, and a repeated sun symbol.

Great-grandmother's house: Age appears to be a significant element of your dream. First, you dream of your great-grandmother who is aging quite quickly. Being that her house is the contextual backdrop for the beginning of your dream, there is something peculiar about the sense of age and of time. Perhaps you have been mulling over age and death in your waking consciousness, and this dream is simply a reflection of that inner reflection.

Old dirt pathway, unbeaten: Pathways, roads, hiking paths, walkways, and so on are all indicative of journeys. In this case, you take an unbeaten path in a direction very few people venture to go through, as you said. Since you age on this brief journey, this old dirt pathway is a symbol of life's trek and voyage.

Going past the bushes and changing age/dimension: As soon as you got beyond the bushes, you mention that you became old and were deceased in the dream. This could be a flash forward dream in which you see your own death. These kinds of dreams are common for people. They reveal what it is like to shift dimensions, which has been described as simply walking across the room. Death is nothing to fear, because it is only a quick change of dimensions. You were experiencing old age, death, and the continued journey in the afterlife.

Two coins: one with a sun and one with a peacock

Repeatedly finding the sun coin: When dream symbols reoccur or repeat themselves, it is because a message is trying to extract itself from the symbol and reveal itself to you fervently. In this case, the dream is revealing that happiness is your birthright, along with joy, success, celebration, and good karma.

Dreams of aging and dying can be frightening for some and revealing for many. In this case, you receive a message about the many blessings you have earned for yourself in this love and in the next to come. Keep walking… your peaceful rest is assured.

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