Dreams about floating


I dreamt that I am in my high school building with lawn in the middle. I let my 1 year old baby hold a balloon which starts rising in the air. Somehow the control was in my hands that I will not let the balloon go too high and just let the baby enjoy the ride. He was happy. Then, it struck me that what if the balloon deflates by bumping into a tree or something..I run into the lawn and lower the balloon down. Then my baby and I both hold another balloon and start going up. I can still control its height to approx 2-3 floors high just as much as the school building. Both of us are enjoying it and there are people looking at us ,although they dont look surprised.

Symbolism behind Balloon Dreams

Seeing 'Balloons' in your dreams is mostly believed to be a sign of emotional depression. Balloons symbolize weakening hopes and frustrations in the quest for love. Deflating or a balloon floating downwards symbolize, deflating hopes and dreams. An ascending balloon on the other hand, in a dream usually symbolizes; any unsatisfying conditions in one's life. If you are trying to escape the frustrations of your life, you may dream about your situation as a balloon rising in the air.

On the more positive note, if you dream about yourself, in person, being hoisted by the balloon in your dream, it may be indicating that you are fully equipped to handle the depressions and frustrations present in your life. It is the indication for you to actively try and overcome the depression.

In your dream, your feelings denote how you should perceive the dream message. If you are feeling panicked by being lifted in the air, it may indicate that you are losing your grip on some problem, but if you feel elated and at ease with the flight, it shows you can handle the problem.

Dreams about your school

The school is the place that prepares you to handle the world around you. Hence, seeing yourself in a school in your dream may be an indication for you to be more mature and prepare for the tackling your real problems. Dreaming about your high school is a reminder to revisit your spiritual teachings.

Seeing your child in dream

Seeing your child in your dream is a reminder of your youthful spirit in the form of your child. Your child symbolizes your own ideals, expectations, and your budding hopes. If you see yourself along with your child in the dream, it may be the indication of your relationship status with him, a strong connection that keeps it an integral part of your surroundings, even in your dreams.

Symbolism behind people with expressionless faces

Dream interpreters and analysts argue that it is almost impossible to dream about things or people that you have not seen before. Even if you do not remember a place or face consciously you subconscious still will recollect the information it has stored with any effort on your part. So, even strangers represent your own unacknowledged personality aspects. Seeing a horde of people in your dream that you cannot recognize indicate your own untapped potentials. And if you see their expression, it most probably will reflect the expression you want or expect from others for yourself.

Interpreting the dream

This dream may be a validation of your role as a responsible parent. Its symbolism and sequence of actions seem to indicate that although you may be feeling the pressures of your responsibilities you are ready to face them. This dream may also be a message from your conscience to remember your morals and teachings and rely only on your own strengths. It is all that you require for overcoming all your hardships.

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