Black figures in lucid dreams


I had a dream that has been reoccurring so a very long time now.About a man dressed in black from head to toe. He looked and sounded familiar but I couldn't even look at his face as it was blur?? He would always call out to me sweetly even if I tried to stop myself... my legs just forcibly moved and I went into his embrace with me calling him honey. He would bring me to a witch? House where she'd predict it but I seem to be sitting next to an unusual family where their eyes where very wide and they would laugh at my face with their necks elongated. Suddenly the witch said "if it's blue you're meant to be, if it's red you'll die." The man dressed in black started to light the candles in all the tables and it was blue and when my table came, the candle was blue. I with a forced laugh and smile hugged him and he said that "he'll come for me". Then there's a another dream with him it was when I had sleep paralysis and it would always smell very sweet and fragrant. I would hear my door opening only to see him smiling as I lay in bed trying to move. I see him in my dreams and when I opened my eyes. He walked gently and softly as he chuckled. Then he slowly caressed my cheeks and said 'I told you I'd come for you" and then I told him that I was human and he left. The next day I had sleep paralysis but this time it was a woman and she said she'd kill me and I shouted out loud "THEN KILL ME!!" After that it stopped. Then I had the dream where I was at school and that he was there but as a timid guy. As I held his hand and brought him to the canteen he gripped my hands tightly and asked me not to go but I told him that I had to and when I woke up my hand was out stretched from the bed with the feeling that my hand was squeezed like it was going to break.

Before attempting to interpret the dream, let us have a brief overview of the state of lucid dreams that you have referred to in your dream description.

Lucid Dreams

According to Tracey L. Kahan, Stephen LaBerge of The Lucidity Institute, "A lucid dream is any dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and the environment."

This excerpt is taken from their article published in 'Consciousness and Cognition' under the title 'Lucid Dreaming as Metacognition: Implications for Cognitive Science.'

Now let us try and make some sense of the figures and incidents appearing in your dreams. By understanding each facet of the dream we will be able to interpret the dream more clearly.

The faceless man in black

Seeing a faceless man or a stranger in your dream, symbolizes your own inhibitions regarding certain aspects of your personality. As the man is clad in black, the color of his clothes and lack of any other distinguishing feature in his personality may tell that he is the personification of all your fears of rejection, malice, and dark desires. As you go to him despite your ill feelings towards him, this may indicate that you know that your actions may harm your best interests, yet you are not actively trying to restrain yourself.

The witch and her cohorts

Although in the classical sense, seeing a witch symbolize malevolence and destruction, but if the feeling exuded by the setting is nonviolent and powerful, this magical being can also represent positive influence. But as the witch in your dream caused you no harm, but put you to a test of colors, this witch entity represents transformation.

The color of your candle flame

In dream symbology a burning candle represents incoming good luck, while the color of the flame may represent the inclination of your personality. Red represents power, aggression and passion; while Blue represents tranquility, truth, intelligence, trustworthiness and honesty.

So the color your candle flame showed may represent that with your honesty and cleverness you will be able to succeed.

The interpretation of the Dream

In light of the information regarding lucid dreaming, we can deduce the fact that when you screamed at the old woman, she left you alone. She was under your control, as she was in your lucid dream.

But this also may mean, that you could have created the vision of the dark man in your lucid dream, appear to you consciously.

This dream in itself represents your inner turmoil. You are drawn to bad or unhealthy choices in life, represented by the man in black. But on the other hand, when you are put through hard tests in life, which are represented by the witch, you can prevail by choosing truth and honesty, represented by the blue candle flame.

The dark desires will never truly leave your personality as represented by the return of the dark man, and his reappearing in your lucid dreams. But even in your dreams, your reaction to him, to rebuff him by telling him that you are human, and then later in the school dream by refusing to hold on to him, you are setting yourself on the right path.

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