Dreaming about your 'Crush'

I dreamt about my crush again last night I'm a girl and it happens that I've got a crush on a girl too. Anyway, in my dreams is she meet my family and she's fond of them. In real life, I can't even talk to her properly because I was so stunned by her beauty. But we do exchange messages on the phone and the internet. What is that mean? Please help me

Dreaming about your 'Crush'

Dreams have a deep connection with the emotional and physical changes in a person's life. If you feel attracted to a person, be it a girl or a boy, it is perfectly normal to see him or her in your dream. In fact, what would be out of the ordinary is, you not seeing them in any manner in your dream. Dreams are reflections of your attractions or fascinations; it can be a person or an object. Any thought that keeps rotating in your mind can materialize in your dreams. If you think about your crush quite often or come in direct contact with her during your daily routine, or as you yourself mentioned, exchange messages either via phone or the internet, then you are dreaming about her in some familiar context is quite expected.

Seeing Your Family in a Dream

Seeing your family in your dream represents your current relationship status with them. If you have a healthy and loving relationship with your family members, you will most likely be seeing them in a normal everyday routine manner. If however you feel frustrated with a family member, you may see him or her acting more defiantly, or just very different from normal. Dreams just reflect your emotional status. Seeing your family in this dream may represent the security, warmth, and love you feel for them.

Two Separate Angles of your Life Intermingling

As we already discussed that dreams reflect emotions and desires, seeing your crush being accepted by your family and vice versa, may reflect your feelings of security, warmth and love for her. It could be an extension of your desire to include her in the circle of your family. To give her same status, respect, and love that a family member warrants.

Subliminal Messages and the Dream Interpretation

Seeing a person you feel romantically attracted to in your dreams may be a clear indication that you are seeing that person as a more permanent fixture in your life. Your emotional attachment to the person in your dreams, it seems has reached a point, where you are willing to have a more open relationship with her. If you have not declared your intentions to that person, it may be an indication for you to do just that. If she gives back a positive response, you both can have a healthy relationship, based on mutual respect and appreciation. But if she declines your offer, you can move on and stop wasting your affections on an unfruitful, one-sided relationship.

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