Clandestine Marriage Dream Interpretation


I had a dream that my boyfriend and I got married. It was very formal~ I took his name and everything. But there were no rings, because of some woman pretending to be his mother who was trying to kill us. (It wasn't actually his mom~ the woman in my dream looked like his dad had gotten it on with Joan Rivers) If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it (and probably be concerned for your mental health, LOL).

This world is full of adverse forces which do not always have our best interest at heart. In this dream, something is trying to threaten the foundation you have built with your boyfriend in the form of a strange woman who impersonates your boyfriend's mother. Do not be alarmed. It will clear and you will be stronger than ever together once you work through this. This dream includes your marriage to your boyfriend, the formal taking of his last name, the lack of rings exchanged in the ceremony, and the strange impersonator.

Marriage to your boyfriend: Dreaming of marriage is a great sign of commitment, loyalty, and trust in your relationship. Whenever either person within a couple has dreams or premonitions of marriage, even a proposal, to the person with whom they are in a relationship, great things are meant to come. What will manifest between you will ultimately take the shape of greater intimacy or trust to build upon the foundation that you already have together. This is a fortuitous beginning to a new phase, or simply the next phase, of your journey together.

Formal marriage/taking of his name: This is an even stronger manifestation of your premonition. To dream of a formal marriage, especially one in which you take the name of your betrothed, is to dream of something solid that will more than likely manifest in 3-D waking consciousness. This is because your subconscious has to pull upon information from the larger picture of your life. It pulls upon information in the memory banks and storehouses of your past, present, and future, collectively. Therefore, what we see in our dreams is not only a reflection but a trustworthy indication of what will likely take shape in 3-D. Of course, this truth is always something we appreciate more when the dream reveals something that brings joy rather than something that brings sadness or distress. There is nothing but pure joy in this union, in the case of this particular dream sequence.

No rings exchanged: This is merely a tactic of protection for you both. The fact that you are keeping your relationship's next step a secret means that you are protecting it so that no one else and nothing else can enter into or attempt to break up the connection you both share. Your bond is so strong that it does not require rings to make it formal or true. You love each other, and that is represented by the manner in which you both look after each other and tend to your relationship. Do not be dismayed by the absence of rings, but take heart that you're strong enough together not to need them.

Strange mother impersonator: There is some external force trying to tamper with the integrity of your relationship, which takes the form of this strange woman impersonating your boyfriend's mother. This is not necessarily to suggest that your boyfriend's mother is phony or not to be trusted, but it is simply your subconscious mind's way of translating the idea that something external to you and your boyfriend's connection is trying to compromise it. This could be an outside friend, an event, or a situation/set of circumstances that might test your companionship and the foundation of your relationship, however, nothing can break the bond you both have established together.

External forces can sometimes cause us fear, doubt, worry, or anxiety about the things or situations in which we invest ourselves. In this case, something or someone is trying to get in-between you and your boyfriend. However, whatever or whomever it may be, it or they lack the power necessary to divide you. You are bonded together and that bond is very strong. Rest assured that your relationship will safely pass through this.

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