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I had a dream of a storm coming (in real life a storm has been here for a few days)... in the dream there was a tornado of lightening bolts in the distance. It was scary & unreal, I was sleeping thru the actual rain storm here, so the sounds in the dream were so real. Then there was a line of about 6 tornados heading to the left in the distance before me, each one going up and down and up and down and then it looked like they were about to head straight my way and my alarm went off before they had a chance to come my way. I woke up and heard the storm outside that i was sleeping thru.

This dream speaks to what is on the horizon. In the near future, it is likely that you will encounter some degree of emotional or mental conflict or turmoil. Be steady and firm and prepare yourself for whatever may come. This dream involves watching a storm coming in, lightning bolts, six tornadoes in a line heading towards the left, and hearing the storm outside while you were dreaming of a storm in your segmenting.

Storm coming in: To see a storm coming towards you portends to emotional upheaval or chaos on a mental level in your life. It may be something to do with coworkers, your family, or your friends, but whatever it is be vigilant and protect yourself! Imagine what precautions are taking in the event of a storm

Tornado of lightning bolts: Lightning in a dream is generally always fortuitous. Lightning is a shaman's symbol, a dreamer's symbol, which heralds new messages that can steer your life in brand new directions. This supercharged element of the storm you see nearing you is a foreshadowing of events that are to come. Expect excitement, high activity, and the full range of emotions.

Six tornadoes in a line heading towards the left: The six tornadoes moving in a line towards the left means that this is a storm of negativity. The left side is the negative side and the right side is the positive side. Anything moving towards the left is moving towards darkness, desperation, or high tides of mental and emotional turmoil. Every storm has a weak spot and can be abated, however. Do not despair, but seek shelter in preparation for what is brewing.

Hearing the storm outside during the dream in your sleep cycle: Dreams often parallel reality, and to be dreaming of a storm as you are listening to one is a good sign that your dream journeys are synchronized with your waking consciousness.

There is something brewing on an emotional and mental level in your life. Look to your relationships with family and friends or coworkers and check to see if any are in conflict right now. Be on guard, protect yourself, and always use softness and kindness to guide you through any conflict that may arise.

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