Drinking Water down a hillside dream interpretation


Could anyone help me interpret the meaning of this dream. I had a dream that I was with some people on top of a steep mountain each of us rearing his animals (seemingly goats) and everyone was taking his animals for a drink in waters down th hill. But for me I feared going down th hill for it was very steep to go down. My animals had to alone and drink and came back safely. While rearing them on top of th mountain I saw kind of branch of flooding water and started wondering why we were straggling to go down th hill leaving water near us.

Sometimes the very nourishment we need is right under our nose. We never have to look far for the things and people we need to survive or to make our truest desires come to life. We simply need to recognize that we already have what we need. This dream includes a gathering of people, a steep mountain, rearing animals, drinking from the water down a hillside, steep hill/fear of heights, allowing your animals to drink freely, and a rushing river nearby.

Gathering of people: Gatherings of people always occur in the dreams of people who are sociable, trustworthy, outgoing, and loyal to their friends. This is a sign of abundance of good friends and good company in your life. You are working together with people you can trust.

Steep mountain: Mountains are symbols of reaching inner heights within yourself. Depending on the height of the mountain and its size, you are reaching new plateaus of discovery within and throughout your being.

Rearing animals: Looking after animals is a way of translating the idea of tending to your projects. The animals are representative of aspects of your consciousness, your dreams, and your ideas. Whatever you have been thinking about or concentrating on has taken shape and form in these animals which you tend to as if they were your own children.

Drinking from the water down the hill: It is a symbol of going for a source of empowerment, refreshment, and renewal. Your dreams are looking for sources of sustenance in the universe.

Steep hill/fear of heights: Your fear of heights in this case is linked to some internal resistance that you feel towards leaving your place on the mountain. On some level, you know it's not necessary for you to leave, which is one reason why you are reluctant to go and leave your place.

Allowing your animals to drink freely: Allowing your animals to freely drink of the water is the same idea as releasing your dreams, hopes, and ambitions to allow them to take shape.

Rushing river nearby: Sometimes we miss or forget to look for and appreciate the abundance that is all around us. We create struggles for ourselves which are unnecessary, as is the case when you and your friends struggle to get down the steep hill to reach water with your animals. If you would only look around you, you would see that you have everything you need within reach. There is no reason to struggle.

There is no reason to struggle when you are reaching to manifest your dreams or heart's truest wishes. You can trust that you have everything you need around you. You can also begin to allow your dreams to fly free and manifest of their own accord without struggling or pushing. For now, just go with the flow and enjoy the rushing river of abundance.

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