Green Wolf Spider Dream Interpretation


Had a dream last night that kept me awake. I dreamt that I was following a group of people to some event. I didn't know them or where they were going, I just saw a group of people and decided to tag along. We were walking and got to what seemed to be a hotel room with a bathroom. There were about 5 or 6 people in the room that I didn't know. They pulled the covers back on the bed and started freaking out because there was what they called a green wolf spider on the bed. The huge spider was indeed green and hairy. I ran into the bathroom to get away from it but there was a huge tarantula crawling on a towel in the bathroom sink. As I ran out of the bathroom to get away from the tarantula, one of the guys was running with the green spider trying to get rid of it. We accidentally bumped into each other and the green spider got on my back. The others were trying to get the spider off of my back but couldn't because it had either embedded it self into my shirt or my back and that's when I woke up.

There are dreams in which we are all escaping the same terror or affliction. In this case, you and others near you are attempting to evade the effects of a nasty green wolf spider. This spider represents shadow aspects within your character which can be cleared or cleaned up with some effort. This dream includes following a group of people to an event, a hotel room/restroom, the green wolf spider, a tarantula, and eliminating the wolf spider from your back.

Following group of people to the event: Your life is taking off in new directions. You are following the path of the crowd and yet maintaining your own identity within it. This is crucial, because you require your own identity in order to relate well to others. Your social life will take off like a light.

Reaching a hotel room/restroom: Hotel rooms are spaces that are reserved for separate occasions—that is, places away from home which are unique and rare. The fact that this is a dimension your subconscious journeys to means that this group of people you have followed has taken you to new places inside yourself as yet undiscovered. In the case of this dream, this means venturing through your repressed fears.

Green wolf spider: The green wolf spider is interesting because it presents us with a hybrid animal-insect. Wolves are leaders of the pack that look after their kin with sincere loyalty, dedication, and devotion. Spiders are weavers of magic and mystery, on the positive end. The negative side of spiders is that they often represent hidden fears, distrust, disapproval or rejection, and more obscurely, the sexual shadow of a person.

Tarantula on the towel: The tarantula on the towel, especially given that it is located in the restroom, is linked to either sexual deviancy or some other perversion of some kind. This is nothing to be alarmed by or ashamed of, as it could belong to you but it could also belong to someone else. Check to make sure that you are living with virtue and integrity in all matters, and then you will have less of these creatures to clean up in your subconscious.

Eliminating the wolf spider from your back: The wolf spider entering your back in a sensitive place is absolutely worth noting, but do not be alarmed. For starters, it entered the center of your back in the area of your heart chakra. This is a very sensitive place and it is rare for people to know about its position in the center of the back. The heart chakra opens in the front of the chest, but its most vulnerable area is in the center of the back where dark energies or negative forces sometimes prey and lurk. The message here is to not let any perversion, distortion of the truth, or filth and grime get in the way of your heart's path.

Stay warm at all times, not cold and vindictive. Stay calm and collected, and do not resist your fears. Instead, learn to embrace them and move forward with confidence that you can overpower them if you follow the direction that best suits your highest evolutionary path. You will know that path by the way it makes you feel, which usually elicits feelings of peace, joy, calm, and relaxation.

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