Quintuplets Dream Interpretation


I had the strangest dream. Especially because I'm only 16 but in my dream I was 19 and I adopted identical quintuplets who were even dressed exactly the same from a very dark and strange/shady looking orphanage in the middle of nowhere. They were gorgeous and maybe 10 months old. They could barely stand and walk and I lived in an apartment alone with them. I cries because I knew I might not be able to afford to have them but I needed them so badly with me. I was so overwhelmed I woke up feeling so horribly saddened.

Beautiful dreams are ones in which we witness new energies from within us being born. In the case of this dream, you give birth to perfection in the form of five babies you love and adore. These represent your creative talents and abilities, which may or may not be being put to use at present. This dream includes being 19-years-old, having quintuplets, living in an apartment alone with them, and being weary about not being able to afford them.

Being 19-years-old in your dream: Flash forward dreams are promising because it means that you are being blessed with a glimpse of yourself in the future. Be proud of yourself for making it this far. Your teen years draw to a close at 19, so it could be that this dream is preparing you for that transition into adulthood.

Quintuplets dressed the same: Being a mother of five is no easy task! If you are nurturing any desire to have children right now which you might have been repressing, my advice would absolutely be to wait and hold off on actualizing that dream for a while. In the case of this dream, the number five is significant because it represents the perfect human. Five is also a number of creativity. Babies always represent new energies being born into your life. Combined with the number five, the quintuplets represent new creative talents or abilities either being born or awakened in your life. You are blessed to have so much talent and creative innovation; now use it wisely!

Living in an apartment alone with them: Being in your own dimension with these children indicates that when you enter a creative zone, you are absolutely in your element and nothing and no one can touch you or tamper with your creative impulses. Make sure to carve out space and time for yourself to be your authentic creative self and express that within you which wishes to be born into this world, whether it takes the form of painting, music, photography, writing, etc. Whatever it is that makes your creative bell ring, do it.

Being weary about not being able to afford them: You are likely expressing a repressed fear that you will not have the means necessary to support yourself if you choose to be creative for a living. It is difficult to bring about an income from creative efforts alone, as most people have to pick a day job and pursue their creative activities on the side. Do not be weary or afraid of the future when it comes to money. If you follow your passion, the money is always right there with you.

Look inside yourself and see what latent or hidden talents, gifts, and creative abilities you might have. Have these gone unnurtured and unnourished? Pay attention to the creative energies inside of you which long for you to express yourself, and watch yourself give birth to creative projects—one after the next!

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