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I just had a dream where this girl I had strong feelings for, but let go of because she didn't feel the same way, got engaged, and I confronted her about it (She's not engaged in real life). We decided to walk down the street. Next thing we know, we're getting chased by some gangster who wants my wallet. He catches up to us, and pulls up a 9 mm and demands us to give us our money. I show the guy my empty wallet (thank you college) and he tells me that he was going to shoot me anyway. : |So I tell him I'd like to say one last prayer where I thank God for all the people he's given me, and to forgive the man who is going to shoot me (I'm a pacifist). I then tell the dude to shoot me in the heart, because he can't hit what's already broken, and he gladly obliges, and I die. I can figure out a few things from this, but I don't know all. A little help would be cool.

There is something special about a first love that keeps returning to our waking consciousness. When people from our past reconnect with us, it offers us the chance to heal the past and move on. This dream involves a girl you once had feelings for, the girl being engaged suddenly, walking down a street and getting chased, meeting a gangster, and offering your heart to the gangster after praying.

Girl you once had feelings for: When exes or people we once loved from our past resurface, it is because we are preparing ourselves for the next relationship we are soon to enter. We have to clear the decks and heal ourselves of the past in order to embrace the future with open arms and a trusting heart. You were likely let down by this girl before, and part of your healing is to allow her to return again so that you can reconcile your relationship together.

Girl gets engaged and you confront her: It is possible that she will soon be entering into a relationship, if she is not already in one, or will become committed elsewhere. This will take away from any potential relationship you both could have shared together. Be happy for another person's happiness in this case, and that good and positive energy will return to you manifold.

Walking down the street, getting chased: This is simply a subconscious fear manifested itself. Maybe you felt as if this girl robbed you of your feelings for her by getting engaged or by getting involved with someone else. So in your mind, you are translating it by meeting an actual mugger who takes or tries to take what belongs to you. You need to release and let go of any harsh feelings or grudges you may have held towards this girl in order to fully recover and move forward.

Meeting the gangster with the 9mm: Again, this is your subconscious mind translating your feelings about how the girl let you down by manifesting it as a criminal who threatened your livelihood.

Offering your heart to the gangster after praying to God: Praying in a moment of fear or angst is common, and it is almost beautiful that you reacted this way with such strength, tenacity, and sincerity. Do not be alarmed that you were shot. This is how your mind interpreted being let down by the girl, and these were your true feelings

We come up with infinite ways to express ourselves in dreams. Whenever we experience heartache or letdown of any kind, we find multiple ways to reveal that or manifest that in our dreamtime journeys. In this case, you felt as though you were robbed and your heart was stopped when the girl you loved did not reciprocate. You had a chance to heal this now and move forward.

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