Dream about the Red Handbag


This started off as a pretty long dream, but I'm only going to mention the part relevant to the handbag that came to my attention. I was at a jumble sale with two of my female cousins, one of them younger and the other is the same age as me. My younger cousin noticed a bright red, brand new handbag. For some reason I told her it was of significance, I think it was because I'd purchased a white version of it back in the early eighties. Anyhow, when I did eventually take a gander at it - I noticed that it was nearly full to the brim with soil. It sort of discussed me, because I'd no idea what the f it meant. My younger cousin wanted to purchase it, and I said to her, take no notice of it, it's not worth buying. I thought the soul analogy had something to do with the fact that I'm so into gardening and anything pertaining to plants. But I'm not really convinced by that wholly. I think it's way more complex than that.

Significance between colors and their subjective

Colors represent a personal and subjective point of view in dreams. To understand the true meaning of the presence of a color in your dream you first have to understand if the colors you are viewing symbolize a person or even your own habits or locations to a specific color. In case you do not pay that much attention to color auras then colors may symbolize for you the most basic connotations.

The two colors that dominate the thought process during the dream are white and red. Incidentally, they represent completely opposite personality traits and symbols.

Just as in reality, 'White' symbolizes peace and innocence, in dreams too white symbolize purity, perfection, harmony, virtue, dignity, cleanliness, and awareness.

The color 'red' on the other hand symbolize anger, aggression, passion, raw energy, violence, blood, sexual impulses. In some ancient folklore, red was presented as a symbol of courage as it is the color of blood, but it is predominantly considered as a dangerous color.

The handbag

In dream symbolism a handbag or purse points towards female figures, and the female womb. The condition of the handbag symbolizes the conditions, physical or emotional of the person the handbag symbolizes. Emptiness signify vulnerability gift of a new purse signifies good luck and new starts, lost purse signifies a lost soul.

Seeing soil in a dream

Seeing soil in dreams points towards two very different outcomes. The first is that seeing soil in a dream can represent growth and fertility. But on the other hand, soil also can represent tainted or bad-omened objects. It is predominantly the feeling that seeing the soil arouses in you that can point you towards its possible true meaning.

The dream interpreted

The dream in itself seems quite mundane. A regular walk through a jumble sale, with your cousins and buying a handbag, but many symbols that you view in this dream make it more of a warning. Add in the fact that you, even in your dream, felt a sense of revulsion, it definitely means the dream is warning of sorts for you as well as your cousin. Given the fact that you initially noticed the bag because it reminded you of your fond memories of a white bag, sets this red bag in a more sinister light. This is the first warning sign. The soil you viewed in the bag gave you a sense of unease, rather than the nurturing feel of a soil that is destined to bring life. Hence, this is a second warning sign. And lastly, as despite your initial decision to ask your cousin to buy it, you asked her to give it up as the sight of soil in it, filled you with disgust also points to it being an ill omen for both of you. In the light of this dream, you and your cousin both are advised to pay more attention to your surroundings and do not pursue any venture that gives you any ill feelings.

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