Golden Centipede Dream


In my dream there was this large golden centipede crawling on the ceiling–it kept following me throughout the dream until the person who was with me plucked it from the ceiling and crushed it. Afterwards tiny golden centipede just came out of nowhere. Anyone know what it could mean?

Golden Color

In dream symbology, the Golden color is considered to be a very powerful indicator. Just as in ancient lore, and even modern world Golden is deemed as a royal color, its aura of this color reflects a mystical prize, wealth, refinement and improvement of one's environments. It is the color that in human nature signifies the strength of character and firm-mindedness.


All the living creatures that appear in dreams signify various elements of human nature and the environment. A centipede in dream points towards unexpressed fears and doubts that one deems might hinder his development and make achieving the goals more difficult.

Stalking dreams

In the dream, the centipede is stalking you. Hence, to fully comprehend the dream you must first understand what the staking dreams mean. Being stalked in your dream, indicates some trouble or issue which you are not meeting, and choosing to ignore. It is advised that stalking dreams need to be taken seriously, as they are the warnings or signs that indicate you are missing some crucial step that can keep you from reaching your goal.

Killing an animal

Killing dreams do not indicate the dreamer's nature; rather they represent the feeling for the need to terminate a threat to ensure security or success.

To see someone other than yourself committing the slaughter; indicates either your own inability to execute the final decisive action or it may also represent your lack of emotional care towards your own well-being. In either case, the killing of centipede by someone other than yourself may indicate your lack of assertion in your own actions.

Ceiling or Roof representation

Although seeing a lofty ceiling in your dreams may indicate mental or spiritual perspective. But a regular ceiling symbolizes the maximum perimeter you have fixed for yourself.

Coming back to life

To dream about a creature come back to life, or to view the rebirth of a living being in a dream, symbolizes the need to address any and all the issues that one has been evading. The rebirth of a creature literally indicates that whatever issues one has so far dodged, will not remain gone and keep coming back again and again.

The Dream Interpreted

This dream is a positive reinforcement for the dreamer. Where the centipede represents your problems, and the ceiling where you see the centipede hanging above you; is your goal. And to achieve that goal you must first deal with the problems. Given the significance of the 'Gold' color in dreams, the dream may be forecasting for you the reward that you may get once you have dealt with all your issues.

This dream is a sign for you to face your fears and tackle all your issues. To ensure that you do avail your success, it is imperative to first face any and all the opponents. And in this tactic, lays your sure victory.

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