Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius weekly horoscope
Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
28 July, 2014 - 3 August, 2014
"Like a bridge over troubled water..." you can create a constructive connection between two distinctly separate worlds this week. Or, at least, you can provide and maintain a degree of neutrality. Beware the temptation to take sides - or to sympathise more with one side of a story than another. Force yourself to be fair, objective and gloriously detached from the colourful detail of a certain drama. You may feel "involved" but if you want to be a force for good, you must ignore your emotional responses and focus, instead, on the unique position that you hold. You are the only person who can mediate a truce - or facilitate truly constructive dialogue. Everyone will ultimately benefit from you playing such a role - including (once the stress and pressure has worn off) yourself!

This week lucky numbers are:
10, 58, 22, 77, 31

1873 1st trial run of SF cable car, Clay Street between Kearny & Jones
1953 Betty Jack Davis, singer (w/Skeeter Davis), killed in car crash
1944 Amsterdam soccer team "The Volewijckers" plays in orange shirts
1982 Oakland's Rickey Henderson steals his 100th base of the season
1944 Jewish survivors of Kovono Ghetto emerge from their bunker

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Weekly horoscope for Aquarius located above can drastically change your life provided your involvement. To be more precise, it will be you who will be introducing changes to your life - stars will only prompt you to the spatiotemporal points that you'll have to focus on in order to achieve the most success in the least amount of time. In other words, such horoscopes will hardly provide the information on something like "100 suggestions that will help you change your life for the better". Weekly horoscope for Aquarius is intended for someone who knows exactly where and why they are heading -someone who may just be missing a drop of confidence in some part of a plan or simply wants to have extra resources to guarantee a desired result. This is when stars' advice will come handy.

Weekly horoscope for Aquarius gets updated on a weekly basis, so you will always have an opportunity to adjust your plans for the week in a timely fashion. It should be noted that such short-term horoscopes when compared to their long-term counterparts (monthly and yearly horoscopes) have a few undeniable advantages and efficiency is one of the first ones to mention. A monthly or a yearly horoscope can only outline a general paradigm of energy emanation development of the planets which have a direct affect on your zodiac house. This is a good thing, no doubt about it. However, a more detailed study of the current problems, especially those that are yet to happen, is a much more important factor in a given situation. A timely response to an event can either give you unbelievable - never before available - opportunities or save you from missteps fraught with unfavorable consequences.

Thus, weekly horoscope for Aquarius in any case is one of the most effective ways of preventing upcoming conflicts. Of course, the Water Bearers will have to do everything themselves; however, you can't deny the fact that it is great to have a map for a minefield when one is going to cross it! And even if the map doesn't indicate the location of every single mine and just provides the schematic outlines of dangerous spots, such information in itself is invaluable - invaluable when in the right hands.