Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius sign

Aquarius horoscope
batgirl 2014-11-24 17:12:49
Are you people for real? Astrology cannot tell if you will get a job or be successful. Only you can do that...

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R N 2014-11-08 10:25:55
I want to know that when will we get a job or start a business . And also what about my study. Plz help me we are in trouble reply me.

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julie 2014-11-01 00:12:33
I've been headhunted for 2 jobs requiring desired change of city - will I be successful?

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aq 2014-10-23 02:07:34
after the eclipse in scorpio 10/23... if you've been working hard towards it. If you haven't been working hard towards it, then you will be influenced in another direction

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Ramana 2014-10-16 13:28:08
looking for a job ...when can i expect

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An Aquarius is the eleventh sign, the last sign of the Water trigon, engulfed in a multitude of virtues. These include vision, tolerance, independence, originality, charity, and individuality. However, its most fascinating quality, the one that truly separates it from the other signs, is the degree to which it is in-tune with the fifth dimension surrounding our planet Earth. The traditionally identified three dimensions are those of length, height, and width. The fourth dimension is that of time, and together the four define the spacetime continuum. The fifth dimension, however, is one, which we can ascend to with our level of consciousness and the willpower of the mind. The Aquarius finds it especially easy, without even realizing the inner alignment of their minds to this fifth dimension, the environment where conscious intentions can realize itself into changes with lighting speed. These are not only the conscious intention and actions of the Aquarius representatives themselves, but also of their celestial allies and foes. New paradigms of mind manifest themselves on this plane, enabling the Earth's denizens - and especially the Aquarius to be in harmony with the cosmic forces. To grasp control over this powerful connection and the edge that the Aquarius possesses, he or she requires an instrument to serve as a medium between the short-term future of the celestial movement and the current mental preparation for the upcoming events, as well as the manipulation of the energy application towards best-suited results.

This instrument is the horoscope. The quintessential purpose of the horoscope for the Aquarius to awaken the minds of the Earthly denizens to such virtues as liberty and freedom, so that these virtues could flow through the actions of humanity and the events that transpire around it.

Through the harmony with celestial forces of the planets within our planetary Solar System, only achieved through the alignment of the passive and active energies of the Aquarius to their most optimal points of application, will allow every representative of this sign to experience some part of the cosmic consciousness. However, to achieve the alignment of the passive and active energies of the Aquarius to where they would be at their apex requires some foresight of where the celestial forces will be allocated - which planets will be at play over the arena of this particular sign and in what function. The horoscope is a tool that should be employed by the Aquarius to note these celestial forces, as it can both provide the information you need and the interpretation of this information delivered straight to the reader, with the reader having only one thing left to do - to act. The Water Bearer sign is comfortable with acting, and so, with the proper use of the horoscope instrument, representatives of the Aquarius sign may assert domination over their lives, planet, and future. The days of darkness and the disconnection from the cosmic heritage arising from the planet are rapidly ending for someone in the unique position to make that happen. That unique position is being a member of the Aquarius House, the House most connected to the mysterious fifth dimension of the cosmic influences.