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Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

Weekly Horoscopes for Zodiac sign Cancer, Weekly Astrology Forecast for the Zodiac sign Cancer

Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac sign Cancer
Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

19 October, 2020 - 25 October, 2020

The Sun enters Scorpio on Oct 22 and the Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Oct 23. Money is flying out as fast as it is coming in. You can call on friends to help you out after midweek when they will be in a more receptive mood. Incoming money should be tightening up next week, so plan accordingly because expenses will still be running higher than usual and it is nice to have a little buffer. In the second half of this week, the Sun enters your sign. Be prepared to open up your heart with a new awareness that, while you might be faced with new responsibilities, you are also blessed with new opportunities. There are some special energies at work to help you with a situation that may have seemed difficult. Listen to the information that the universe is trying to share with you at this time. Secrets reveal the way that you can find happiness.

This week lucky numbers are:
11, 88, 95, 74, 24

🏰 On this day in History: 24 October

1988 Traveling Wilburys Volume One is released

1965 Benjamin Britten's "Voices for Today," premieres

1851 William Lassell discovers Ariel & Umbriel, satellites of Uranus

1982 13th NYC Marathon won by Alberto Salazar in 2:09:29

1964 18th Olympic games close at Tokyo, Japan

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Comments: Cancer Weekly Horoscope

hirut 2018-03-01 04:21:12
same one to promse me to halp me and me wont goin contry i miss to goin i dont now if i go.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
hirut 2018-03-01 04:19:01
same one promse me to give me mony
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
hirut hirut 2018-02-15 22:56:51
i need money to solve my problems how i need lotary chance
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
may marines 2018-01-11 19:06:38
i need a new life with all my family
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Sebi 2017-07-09 09:16:16
That is what about ME!
I feel so..
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Nas 2016-10-11 06:26:15
What has happened to the weekly horoscope?? Disappointed that I am not able to read it this week!
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
EDWIN 2016-06-23 01:30:00
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Anonymous 2015-11-30 05:41:55
Try feng shui
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Jannel 2015-10-18 19:54:24
👍 +10 👎
I am cancerian ...AND PROUD!!! We are loyal to a fault , good allies but formidable enemies, trust worthy , intuitive & incredibly kind , loving & sensual beings i would no want to be any other sign 😉
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
j.paulino 2015-06-25 00:22:32
👍 +9 👎
🤔 Cancer folks are very smart down to earth and true friends for life.ain't nothing phony about us period. 😎
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
CoolDude 2015-06-21 16:01:19
I have hit the dead-end kind of feeling in my Financial Situation. Its is stagnate for over 24 months now. All that I need is a JOB and guess thing will return back to normalcy. But unable to get one for over 24 months now..!!
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
rohan 2016-05-23 02:52:56
dude im a cancer myself..read rich dad poor dad book ....it will help u a lot
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
SheNice 2015-06-23 15:47:15
Hey there, if you're willing to work from home, Apple is hiring At Home Advisors. Corporate positions, full benefits, competitive salary, plus a new computer and headset to be your best. Check it out. And best wishes.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
nekey benting 2015-08-23 02:41:21
Message from SheNice
Hey there, if you're willing to work from home, Apple is hiring At Home Advisors. Corporate positions, full benefits, competitive salary, plus a new computer and headset to be your best. Check it out. And best wishes.

Im willing but were that place?
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Marina 2017-01-02 14:03:15
what's the nature of the work?
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
CD 2015-07-22 16:49:46
Hey SheNice, thank you for the info. Where to check on this opportunity of Apple, as my attempt to find this was futile. Can you help pls!
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
babangida 2015-05-30 02:03:00
Am cancerian am proud of it.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]

babangida 2015-05-28 23:34:59
Luck number this Saturday.. Am in West Africa.. Ghana
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
babangida 2015-05-28 23:12:54
I have some problems need money to solve them any luck number for me please . this Saturday.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Aziz belourdi 2015-02-11 21:11:40
I love my girl
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
j 2015-02-06 03:27:07
👍 +6 👎
Coool 🤔
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Steph 2015-01-11 15:55:36
👍 +2 👎
To expect _____ in my financial situation and personal life?? is there a word missing??
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
laica 2015-06-18 07:33:34
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Illona 2014-12-27 20:21:53
I like what it said. I will remember to do some of the things it said.
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
karen 2014-10-13 00:48:38
👍 +1 👎
love it
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Why Cancer' Weekly Horoscope?

This page of our website offers you a weekly horoscope for Cancer. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this horoscope gets updated weekly. We want to give you an opportunity to build your plans each week in accordance with the astral positions of the solar system's planets. After all, the harmony of our own energy and powerful energy impulses produced by all celestial bodies is extremely important to us even if we don't notice it. People made a note a long time ago that everything in this world including their own lives was controlled by the planets and stars and their movements in the skies. This is how astrology was born - a mysterious unique science found right in between mathematics and esotericism.

Today astrology is not at all an exotic activity. Today we have a wonderful opportunity without having to leave home and spend extra money to learn everything we need to know about the star combinations. After all, technologies keep progressing and the Internet made it much easier for the experts who our ancestors used to refer to as flamens and magicians to communicate with those who all of their efforts are directed at.

This horoscope, the weekly horoscope for Cancer, is a clear and quite obvious scenario of how stars impact our lives. At the same time, we do understand there are no signs of any clear instructions in such horoscope. There are only advice and warnings. So, your future is still hidden from you. However, after having studied the information, you know where your frigate may hit the reefs and which bays it would be worthwhile for it to visit. This is the whole point of the weekly horoscope for Cancer - to steer the Crabs in the right direction and the rest is up to them. Let's start by assuming that you simply choose to ignore this suggestion. Nothing horrible will happen, but you will lose an opportunity to shield yourself and your closes ones from unnecessary problems. Or you may simply lose a chance to capture your Blue Bird since you won't know when and where you should be looking for it.

This is the purpose of astrology: it helps us focus on truly important events in our life and make well-thought-out decisions by considering the most of the external factors.

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