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THE Zodiacal Sign of Cancer commences on June 21st, but for days it does not come into full power until on or about June 28th. From this date onwards it is In full strength until July 20th, and is then for seven days gradually losing its strength on account of becoming overlapped by the "cusp" of the incoming sign Leo.

Such people are easily hurt by the slights of others. These are very complex people, sometimes appearing extremely strong and at other times to be as vulnerable as a child.

These people are remarkably good at accumulating things; indeed, they can be unwilling to throw anything out, even relationships that have passed their use-by date. They are generally over-anxious in financial matters, and make great efforts to gather in money; as a rule, they have unusual ups and downs in their early life and so they are compelled to work to keep ahead, but once they get on their feet they keep there. If channeled in the right direction, their enormous sensitivity can become a great source of strength. Once they overcome their touchiness and master their turbulent emotions, their intellect and imagination enable them to become a success in almost anything they undertake.

The main problem for them is to remember not to let the powerful, turbulent emotions of the moment crowd out their normally rational judgment. Their intuitions are reliable and should be trusted.

They are generally gifted with strong imaginations, and it is very easy for them to become excellent artists, writers, composers, or musicians. At heart they are romantic and of a very loving and affectionate disposition.

On the other hand these people are perhaps the most sensitive natures from any other class of people and if arenít recognized they quickly give up or get depressed and melancholy. Above all, they require encouragement and appreciation. Their deep sensitivity presents them with valuable and illuminating intuitions, especially regarding those they care for.

They often make excellent psychics, and usually have a yearning after the mysterious.

They should never marry young, for their nature seems to change at different stages of life.

People born in this part of the year often reach very high exalted positions. In their home lives, however, they usually go through a great deal of trouble, and are seldom surrounded by happiness, no matter how successful they may appear in the eye of the world.

Such people have deep love for what they call "their own people," for family customs and for tradition.
Cancer - The Sign of the Crab
The people born under the sign of cancer are very timid and are afraid of refusal more, than all other marks even summarized together. However, they are ambitious . Their way to success is similar with their symbol Cancer. They advance slow towards their aim, and then at the most unexpected moment they grasp the victim and just like a cancer strong holding it and do not let off. The moon operates the woman, and the men - cancer are not very aggressive in love . However, they create an attractive facade of naivety, that compels the woman to make the first step.
People who were born in this sign are the ones to whom others turn with problems, worries and life choice concerns. Despite their ability to support and nurture their pals, it is pretty difficult for them to make friends. This may be because they take friendship seriously and don't bother to indulge superficial associations. Their affections or friendships last longest with those who are born in their own period, June 21 to July 20-27, or from October 21 to November 20-27, or from February J9 to March 20-27.
They are chiefly inclined towards gastric troubles, and they must be extremely careful in regard to shellfish and such things. Inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatism, are also likely to attack them, and trouble with the legs and feet. Physical fitness or sports activities can become important ways for you to work out emotional stress. Team sports are fun, for them can adopt team members as part of an extended family.
The colors most in harmony for them are all shades of green, and cream and white.
The birth stones most favorable for this period are pearls, diamonds, opals, crystals and moonstones.
Haubarren 2014-11-20 01:52:14
Born 14th of July, 1990. I do not agree with the Woman being ruled by the moon and Men not being aggressive in matters of love. I am Male,aggressive in matters of love and ruled by the Moon.

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Carole 2014-10-29 07:00:59
It is so true,I don't dream or usually don't remember my dreams but I can sense when I'm not supposed to do something and if I do it it brings me pains. I can feel when a bad luck is around me.I can be moody,I've a serious legs problem.I don't have friends ... It just so true

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jantayna 2014-10-25 18:35:55
Wow this is so the truth

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Julius 2014-10-19 14:33:23
July 6th

Wow... Those things were really true.. I dont know what to say but all of it were perfectly matched in me... It is true that we can become a great artist... On my 6th grade, i dont know how to draw but when I put my mind to it at 8th grade, I was even rewarded as the artist of the year on our campus... It is also true that color green is best suited for cancer because its my favorite.

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Kacey 2014-10-17 19:40:38
This is creepy, all of those things are true. I am so like that.

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Susan. 2014-10-11 04:41:26
This sounds like its describing me personally. Super sensitive, artistic, psychic, affinity with animals, all me, born July 3rd. All otherthree siblings are Pisces, we have nothing in common, I am the odd one out.

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Kenno Gener Cacliong 2014-10-09 12:34:03
I was born in july 8 ... thise is 70% to me....

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Lee 2014-09-24 15:10:03
Scary how like me this is... Hard on the outside, sensitive on the inside. Homely. Moody. Can feel happy one minute then sad the next. My best friend is November 2nd. I always thought I had a lot of friends but the older I get the less I feel that is true. I think as cancerians we think we have a lot of friends because we are social but when I think of it most of them are aquaintances and there a very few people I let close enough to value as a true friend.

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Claradeana 2014-09-21 17:00:45
I was born 6th of July and most of this does not imply to me at all. Im far from timid, have alot of friends and and not alot gets me down. Im also pretty confident and sure of myself. I am quite good with my intuition though and can ALWAYS tell when a partner cheats on me without seeing proof and later turns out he has and quite god wth Tarot. My legs and feet are fine as well and i dont accumulate alot of stuff.

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Palesa nonkululeko Mbatha 2014-08-19 11:13:29
I was born 30-june-1978, im married 3 boys 18, 15 nd 9 years old. Can you tel me about myself nd future holds for me. Now im in interior decor nd design services, my company name Pale.Mba Design Projects

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Sandi 2014-08-18 03:35:19
I was born July 19th, and contrary to the admonition of not marrying young, as stated above, I married @ 18 to a Scorpio of age 21 and about to celebrate 47 years. You just have to pick the right "sign"..

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Frankie 2014-07-29 22:33:03
Born July 5th, I have had these dreams... Where they happen in reality... What is it called? Am I insane? Gifted? A mix of both?

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Bri 2014-09-13 17:00:18
In Chemistry, my teacher informed me that some human minds are more advanced than others. I was bourne June 27, I have those dreams as well. Little visions into the future. Our minds can put together things into a sense where it will eventually occur. It means we have a strong mental awareness, and we acknowledge things more so than others. We desire to put things together piece by piece.

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fabeha 2014-07-20 19:25:15
yes it is true all of it except the friends part because my best friend was born on may 26

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Skarr hunt 2014-07-20 16:35:46
The 11th of July and I have strange dreams that often that very situation comes true my imagination is very huge to say the very least and I want to be a musician all of this is true except my birth stone is a ruby

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precious 2014-07-16 15:43:41
Born 14 July
yes it true and this is all me it is hard for me to make friends and yes sometym mi feets get pains every mornin.and a friend i had nw was born in may

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