Weekly Horoscope for Libra

Libra weekly horoscope
Libra Weekly Horoscope
20 October, 2014 - 26 October, 2014
A need to conduct yourself in the most professional & honest manner. Rumours or secrets revealed may leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth, stay away from the firing line. If you don't, prepare to deal with the consequences of your involvement in someone else's problem. It may drive you to take chances that you normally wouldn't even consider for yourself. Use your information constructively to plan for your future. You may tend to love to sit in that old cozy chair, but a new ergonomic one may fit you like a glove. Try to start looking at things from a more realistic perspective. Recently, relationships may have felt a little out of sync, you need to relax & really enjoy each others company. As long as you have energy and ambition, you'll be in good shape & you appear to have both in abundance. Your deep need for security will help you with beautification projects that relate to land, real property, or anything that can decorate a home.

This week lucky numbers are:
94, 43, 82, 26, 53

1871 Mob in LA hangs 18 Chinese
1940 Japan eliminates US terms (strike, play ball) from baseball
1960 Disaster on USSR (Baikonoer) launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin & team (165 die-unconfirmed); USSR claims killed in plane crash
1988 Traveling Wilburys Volume One is released
1958 USSR lends Egypt 400 million rubles to build Aswan Dam
sveta 2014-09-01 09:35:50
Do I move to old house this week (next week) or other house? Libra.

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camille 2014-08-21 06:12:04
libra basic situation
of the history that they it
come social main.  ?)

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