Monthly Horoscope for Libra sign

Libra horoscope
RIKKI 2015-01-12 16:12:35

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ramawatar sharma 2014-12-31 17:08:06
Future January 2015

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anish 2014-12-14 16:23:46
I would like to have a personal report done.
Kindly give me contact details.

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Angelica Rubante 2014-12-13 20:51:04
This is so unfair, I been inLove with a leo guy since 2013 yet he's numb or he is just choosing perfect damsel unlike me I'm not ... </3

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myself 2014-12-09 04:54:13
How abt Libra in career front.Will i get the increment and promotion am awaiting for past 2 yrs?

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crystal 2014-09-12 01:51:39
why this year is so unfair for me?

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Brenda Nevarez 2014-08-02 01:07:10
Does he love me?

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Sean 2014-07-01 19:49:41
This is the wrong year.

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Luisa 2014-06-20 12:13:33
What is the forecast for my love life?
Thank you.

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The Libras virtues of justice, equality, partnership, fidelity, tact, trust, and equanimity serve as their guides, helping them feel the path that they should walk in life. They are no strangers to the diligent effort that drives progress. This effort comes from within, innate to the Libras, while the horoscope is a useful instrument that, among other things, can help them avoid damage from miscalibrated effort and wasteful energy.

As with any other sign, the negative traits match Libra's positive ones. While you may not be inflicted with those traits yourself, they will definitely affect your stellar destiny and the energetic influence that the stars have on your sign. With shameless self-honesty, most Libras may agree that the ego's destructive role on the interpersonal arena has occasionally wrought damage to themselves and those around them. It is important for the Libra to examine the horoscope, as it may provide "checks" by warning the Libra of the impending energy crises and cusps where this ego may come into play.

Moreover, the horoscope may cause the Libras to ask themselves very important questions, those that would serve their own happiness and the happiness of those closest to them. For example, these questions include - how can I be of greater service to those in my life? What personal changes may I implement to create peace with those around me? What should I be doing for others that I am not doing right now? Looking back, will my legacy be one of honor or shame? The answers to these questions are a path to self-fulfillment and happiness from harmony with your surroundings. The horoscope will not teleport you into that destination, but it most definitely can help you note where you have strayed from that path, while there is yet time to secure victory from the face of defeat.

Moreover, the horoscope offers the Libras a chance to align themselves energetically with the cosmos. Alignment and harmony are important notions for the Libras, who seek balance and stability throughout their lives. The horoscope may warn you of the period ahead, what lies in the sphere of your personal and work life. If you note what the horoscope advises, and it does often offer advice more than just state the stellar facts, then you will be working on remembering and honoring sacred vows; using love to decide; communicating with tact; respecting interpersonal boundaries; behaving courteously, fairly, and considerately; upholding commitments; being accepting of compromise; acquiescing wisely; and avoiding disputes while building trust. One can easily agree that with all of these principles in play, one will lead a more harmonious existence with those closes to them, as well a a more harmonious existence with the cosmos in large, which tends to reward good behaviour. The horoscope can be a vessel that delivers motivation for you to change, and the information you need of when to change to ensure that you and your loved ones are happier.

To conclude, the Libras are a sign that seeks balance and harmony, and requires it to be happy. To attain it, the horoscope serves as one of the useful instruments by forecasting the energetic demands and the probabilities of unfolding events. This is especially crucial in maintaining interpersonal balance and peace, be it at home or at work. If the Libras do strive to maintain it, then they will be happier and they will have the means to quickly align with the cosmos and reap the energetic benefits of such an alignment.