Daily Tomorrow Horoscope for Libra

Libra daily horoscope

March 29, 2015

Libra should refrain from excessive activeness now is not the time for new deeds. Instead of energetically changing a situation, try to adjust to it. Take care of your financial and physical wellbeing as well as your close ones health and peace.
on this Day in History 29 March:
1935 French liner Normandie begins its maiden voyage
1989 61st Academy Awards - "Rainman," Dustin Hoffman & Jodie Foster win
1993 Queensland all out for 75 v NSW in Sheffield Shield Final
1973 Dave Cowens, wins NBA MVP
1928 Yeshiva College (now University) chartered (NYC)
romaisa 2015-02-11 12:23:38
ur horoscopes are totally real

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Deshawn 2014-12-20 04:20:14
I'm not even a horoscope reading person. I felt the ones I've read in the past to general and gave me no real revelations. But this one hit me where I could feel it. Still a bit floored...

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ayesha 2014-12-03 09:41:41
plz telll me about my love life and carer ...my brithday is 1996 libra star

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Tomorrow's horoscope for Libra
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famous Historical Birthdays for 29 March:
1967 Brian Jordan, Baltimore MD, outfielder (St Louis Cardinals)
1961 Mike Kingery, St James MN, outfielder (Pitts Pirates)
1831 Amelia Barr, writer
1895 Ernest Jnger, German philosopher (Anschwellender Bocksgesang)
1519 Carlo Caraffa, Italian cardinal
famous Historical Deaths for 29 March:
1982 Walter Hallstein, W German politician (CDU, H-doctrine), dies at 80
1994 William Natcher, (Rep-D-Ky), dies at 84
1650 Cornelis Galle I, Flemish engraver, dies at about 73
1848 John Jacob Astor, charted American Fur Company, dies at 84
1933 Alexander Schmuller, Russian/Dutch violinist/conductor, dies at 52