Description for Birthstone: Bustamite

Bustamite is a calcium manganese silicate named after General Anastasio Bustamante (1780–1853), the President of Mexico. This mineral was first discovered in the Franklin Mine, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA. Today it is also mined in South Africa and Brazil.

Bustamite has been often confused with Rhodonite, which is also a pinkish-red manganese silicate. However, Rhodonite is a different mineral with different metaphysical properties. Deposits of Bustamite in combination with Rhodonite have been found in Brazil.

Bustamite is the lucky stone for light workers, metaphysical healers and psychics. However, this unique New Age crystal become known to the crystal healing community only after the Republic of South Africa began to sell this stone on the international market.

Bustamite is a powerful healing crystal. Like all pink stones, it will heal a broken heart. Crystal healers can use Bustamite to treat various psychosomatic diseases. If you are trying to get over a bereavement or an unhappy love affair, wear a piece of Bustamite on a necklace over your heart and you will feel it's joyful and loving energies filling you with hope. This will help to bring a new love into your life.

Bustamite teaches us to enjoy life and deal with the day to day ups and downs lightheartedly. The energies of this stone enhance our sense of humor and encourage us to laugh at our problems rather than get depressed by them. Remember: A good joke and a smile can heal all ills.

Bustamite is an excellent aphrodisiac that will add a great deal of zest infused with spirituality to your relationships. Couples who practice Kama Sutra or Tantra can each wear a piece of Bustamite to enhance their feelings of delight and joy. In addition, they can grid the sacred space of their love making by placing four pieces of Bustamite in each corner of their bedroom.

Bustamite is a powerful activator of the third eye allowing one to enter a state of higher spiritual awareness. This enables clairvoyance as well as telepathic communication, especially between lovers. Therefore, sleeping or meditating with a piece of Bustamite can stimulate lucid dreaming.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Bustamite will greatly boost your artistic creativity. Hence, artists, writers, researchers and scholars can use a piece of Bustamite as a personal talisman for awakening their inner creative spirit and increasing their artistic inspiration as well as the flow of new ideas. Bustamite's energies help to dissolve every type of psychological barrier that is inhibiting the free streaming of imagination.