Description for Birthstone: Adamite

Adamite was named after the French mineral collector Gilbert-Joseph Adam who discovered this mineral in ChaΓ±arcillo, CopiapΓ³ Province, Atacama Region, Chile. The name was given in 1866 by Charles Friedel, a French chemist and mineralogist.

Adamite aligns one's will with one's feelings. For this reason, Adamite is an excellent manifestation crystal.

Meditating with a piece of Adamite will help you to accomplish your heart's desires. During meditation, focusing your intention is a perquisite for manifestation. However, if you add strong feelings to your intentions, or in other words, passionately want to achieve something then the odds that you will realize your goals are exponentially greater.

Adamite is a catalyst that can increase your optimism, enthusiasm and resolve. This will greatly help you in weathering all the challenges, trials and tribulations that need to be overcome on your way to accomplishing the goals you set yourself.

Despondent and depressive individuals who lack self-confidence can carry or wear a piece of Adamite as a personal talisman for overcoming their fears of failure and start to take chances. Adamite teaches you that the worst failure is never to try.

If you are a timid person who lacks the courage to even try, because you find it difficult to believe in your potential to succeed in life, then wear or carry a piece of Adamite. This crystal will help you to summon the will power for breaking out of your comfort zone and begin to live your dreams. Remember: Your fear of failure is the reason why you keep missing every chance for success.

Shamans, psychics, and clairvoyants can meditate with a piece of Adamite to increase their spiritual receptivity for channeling messages from the Akashic records. This crystal also amplifies the clarity of the channeled messages.

Adamite is a powerful dream stone that not only boosts the ability to remember one's dreams but also enhances the clarity of the night visions. If you feel that you need help and advice from your spirit guides, then place a piece of Adamite under your pillow before going to sleep. The stone's energies will open a portal for receiving all the answers to your dilemmas in your dreams.

Adamite is a powerful emotional healer. Crystal healers can use Adamite for curing all forms of psychosomatic conditions caused by emotional traumas.

Earth healers, gardeners and farmers can use pieces of Adamite for creating crystal layouts to enhance the earth's fertility. In addition, herbalists can store their medicinal herbs with a piece of Adamite to enhance the healing powers of their herbs.