Green Opal

Description for Birthstone: Green Opal

Green Opal

Green Opal is a blend of Opal and Nontronite. Like all green gemstones, this stone has cleansing and rejuvenating energies that help to speed up the recovery process after an illness or injury. The stone's energies also energize one when exhausted and help to calm one's nerves when stressed or during a panic attack

The Green Opal, like all green gemstones, has powerful healing energies that help to cure infections and fevers. Green Opals can also be used to eliminate toxins from the body, balance the insulin absorption and regulate hormone imbalances. Furthermore, the Green Opal is also a Stone of Fertility; ingesting five drops of Green Opal gem elixir every morning, will greatly increase the chances for conception. Pregnant women can add five drops of Green Opal gem elixir to their first cup of milk, coffee or water in the morning to ensure a healthy pregnancy and an easy birth.

Green Opal the lucky stone for dietitians, cooks, bakers, and anyone dealing with food, nutrition and health. The stone's healing energies promote the assimilation of nutrients into the body. Green Opals also help to boost the immune system and stimulate the metabolism. This supports the allover rejuvenation process of the body.

You can wear a Green Opal as a pendant around the neck and near your heart, as a personal talisman for boosting the feelings of mutual love in all your relationships – be it with your sweetheart, your family, friends, colleagues at work, business partners etc. The comforting energies of this crystalline ally can relieve your heart from pent up resentments, anger and frustrations to eliminate any bad feelings from your love relationships and friendships.

Like all green gemstones, Green Opals attract abundance and wealth. Place a piece of Green Opal into your moneybag and you will see that it will never be empty.

Spiritually, Green Opals enhance the mind's ability to filter information; absorbing relevant and useful information whilst discarding irrelevant and useless information, which only create "noise" in one's mind. This process boosts one's mental clarity and helps one to be more focused in one's thinking.

Green Opals vibrate Wood energy. Therefore, geomancers can meditate with a Green Opal for enhancing their spiritual ability for identifying ley lines and vortices. Furthermore, healers often use Green Opals for creating crystal layouts.

Carrying or wearing a Green Opal will greatly enhance one's awareness for environmental issues. And indeed many earth healers use Green Opals for gridding the earth.