Blue Topaz

Description for Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the lucky stone for leaders, executives, advisors, teachers and anyone in a position of power. This stone promotes cooperation, honesty and open-mindedness. Its energies help you to devise viable plans for successfully reaching your goals. They widen your perspectives and encourage creative thinking whilst focusing on the necessary details for making a plan work in practical terms.

Like all blue stones, Blue Topaz stimulates the mind and enhances one's ability to study and learn as well as understand complex concepts, ideas and theories. Meditating with a piece of Blue Topaz will help you to find the right words for explaining a new idea and expanding it.

If Blue Topaz is your birthstone, then you are a highly intellectual person who enjoys studying and doing research. You have the potential to become an accomplished scholar or scientist if you summon the will power to devote yourself to pursuing a course of study.

Blue Topaz's energies amplify one's psychic and telepathic abilities. It is therefore an ideal stone to be used in crystal layouts and Mandalas.

Teachers, journalists, writers and poets should carry or wear a piece of Blue Topaz. The stone's energies boost one's fluency as well as one's capacity to put thoughts into words.

The calming and serene energies of the Blue Topaz not only calm an overactive mind, but also help to organize one's thoughts and express them clearly and coherently in well-worded sentences. Hence, the Blue Topaz is a powerful crystalline ally for any type of verbal or written communication.

Blue Topaz is a "Stone of Truth". The stone's vibrations arouse one's desire for truthfulness and honesty. Whoever carries or wears a Blue Topaz will not be capable of lying convincingly. This crystalline ally not only inspires one to speak nothing but the truth, but also makes one live up to one's ideals and beliefs. As the saying goes: "Walk your talk", or "Practice what you preach".

If someone you care about is unreliable or untrustworthy because they find it difficult to state the facts as they really are, then give them a Blue Topaz, lose or set in a piece of jewelry, as a personal talisman for speaking the truth. Before handing them the Blue Topaz, hold it in your right hand and say the following Biblical verse: "Truth grows out of the earth and righteousness looks down from heaven". As you utter this verse, focus your intention on inspiring honesty and truthfulness in the person you want to give the stone to.