Description for Birthstone: Petalite

Petalite, also known as Castorite, is a rare yet important ore of lithium. The name "Petalite" is derived from the Greek word "Petalon", which means 'Leaf'. This mineral was first discovered in 1800, by Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva, a Portuguese-Brazilian naturalist and professor of geology at Coimbra. Not long after the discovery of this new mineral, Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva was elected inspector-general of the Portuguese mines.

Petalite is the lucky stone for psychics and healers. It is an extremely high-vibrational spiritual crystal. Wearing or carrying a piece of Petalite will induce a state of inner peace and harmony. The stone's vibrations expand the boundaries of one's consciousness and enhances one's psychic and telepathic powers. This makes Petalite a perfect talisman for inspiring artists, writers and scholars with new ideas.

Petalite is a crystal of clairvoyance and vision. Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Petalite will induce lucid dreaming and clear psychic visions. To stimulate your inner vision, hold a piece of Petalite with your right hand against your third eye.

Petalite is also a powerful stone for manifesting your desires, intentions and visions. However, be careful only to wish for what is beneficial for your highest good. Don't try to coerce fate to satisfy your whims and empty fantasies. For example, if you are infatuated with a certain person who isn't reciprocating your affection, then the Divine Will is that you were destined to share your life with another person whom you haven't met yet. Therefore, trust Divine Providence that the person you are infatuated with isn't right for you. So do not try to use your psychic and telepathic powers to bond that person to you because nothing good will come from such a relationship. In truth, such an infatuation is only an illusion of love and not real love at all. Often people will fall in love with the image they have of a person and not with the actual person themselves. In the end, the truth will come to light as a big disillusionment. As the saying goes: "Choose in haste and regret at leisure".

Although Petalite is an exceptionally spiritual crystal, it keeps you firmly rooted in the physical world. To be precise, Petalite bridges the spiritual spheres with the physical world. This makes Petalite a perfect psychic tool for channeling Divine messages from the spirit world and translating them into human language. Furthermore, healers can use a piece of Petalite for channeling Divine love and healing into the physical body of a sick person.