Ruby in Kyanite

Description for Birthstone: Ruby in Kyanite

Ruby in Kyanite has been relatively recently discovered in only one single location: Sullia, South India. Today, after the mine has been closed, this mineral has become quite rare.

Ruby in Kyanite is the lucky stone for visionaries, artists, writers and spiritual leaders. Its energies invigorate and boost one's will power, and also inspire one with fresh creative energies. This makes the Ruby in Kyanite a perfect talisman for manifestation.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Ruby in Kyanite will boost one's visionary and telepathic abilities. Furthermore, the energies of this unique blend of Red Corundum with Blue or Green Kyanite, help to align one's will and one's visions with Divine providence. The result of this is turning a wish, an idea or a plan into a physical reality with the help of Divine synchronicities. Therefore, much caution needs to be taken before using this crystalline ally as a prayer stone, lest you manifest a reality you did not want. Remember: Let only your happy dreams come true – never your nightmares. Before using a piece of Ruby in Kyanite, carefully define your intentions so that you only create the reality, which you intend to create.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Ruby in Kyanite, will not only draw Divine synchronicities into your life but also open your eyes to recognize the Divine presence in even the most mundane parts of your daily routine. This high-vibrational crystal automatically raises the vibration of the person who comes into contact with it. Therefore, this crystal is very useful for transforming a materialistic and hedonistic person who only cares for their own lusts into a more spiritual and idealistic human being who strives for the highest good of all.

Ruby in Kyanite not only boosts a person's vitality and libido but also imbues them with courage and optimism. This makes Ruby in Kyanite both a stone of abundance as well as a stone of personal power.

Many people are stuck on a lower spiritual level because they are trapped in their fears of the spiritual realms. Their need to touch and feel the three-dimensional physical reality of this world will not allow them to develop their potential for a higher level of spiritual awareness. The energies of Ruby in Kyanite can give such people the courage for ascending to a higher spiritual level.

Ruby in Kyanite also helps individuals who are not happy with their physical appearance or personality traits, to accept themselves and to love who they are. This stone generally promotes an open-minded attitude to life.