Red Spinel

Description for Birthstone: Red Spinel

Red Spinel is a stone of victory, conquest and royalty. This stone has often been mistaken for a Ruby or a Garnet; for this reason the Red Spinel has been called by many gemologists "the great impostor of the gemstone world". The two most famous Red Spinels that were mistaken for Red Rubies are the "Black Prince's Ruby" and the "Timur Ruby" in the British Crown Jewels. Only in 1783 were Red Spinels distinguished from Rubies; until then all translucent Red gemstones were known as "Red Rubies".

The "Black Prince's Ruby" is a Red Spinel cabochon weighing 170 carats set at the front of the Imperial State Crown. This stone was named after Prince Edward of Woodstock (the "Black Prince"), who was given this stone in 1367.

The "Timur Ruby" is a Red Spinel cabochon weighing 361 carats set as the center stone of a necklace made for Queen Victoria in 1853. After the British occupied Punjab in 1849, they seized this stone together with the Koh-i-Noor Diamond from Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. Both gems were given to Queen Victoria in 1851.

The history of these two particular Red Spinels clearly shows that the Red Spinel is a symbol of victory in battle and rulership. Furthermore, the enigma surrounding the true identity of these famous Red Spinels highlights the uncertainty that accompanies every warrior who goes to war.

Crystal healers define the Red Spinel as a stone of courage, stamina, vitality and physical prowess. This stone also enhances the power of survival in times of danger. It is especially beneficial for people who are physically active for long stretches of time like for example soldiers, laborers, and athletes

Red Spinel is the lucky stone for pioneers and social activists. The stone's energies promote social awareness, comradeship and community solidarity.

Psychologically the Red Spinel helps one to stay alert and calm in times of stress and anxiety. The stone also helps to boost one's memory and mental focus. Furthermore, the vibrations of the Red Spinel will give scholars enthusiasm and commitment when working on their research projects.

Wearing or carrying a Red Spinel will give one an air of authority as well as enhance one's personal charisma and appeal in the eyes of others. Furthermore, the Red Spinel is known as a stone of timeless beauty.

Meditating with a Red Spinel will help to boost one's psychic powers, especially the power of clairaudience. Spiritually evolved musicians who have meditated with a Red Spinel have been able to hear the music of the celestial bodies.