Description for Birthstone: Pietersite

Pietersite, also known as the "Tempest Stone", is the lucky stone for astrologers. Meditating with a piece of Pietersite on a pendulum, helps astrologers to tune into the rhythms of the universe, especially the celestial bodies. Furthermore, if you are encountering difficulties in reading a horoscope you can use a Pietersite pendulum to pick up on the energies of the horoscope as follows: hold the pendulum steadily in your left hand and slowly move it over the birth chart.

Pietersite is a blend of Tiger Eye (Golden Tiger Eye), Hawks Eye (Blue Tiger Eye), Jasper and Quartz. The Quartz amplifies the energies of the other minerals in the stone. Pietersite was named for Sid Pieters who officially discovered this stone in 1962 in Nambia. In 1993 a large deposit of Pietersite was discovered in China, where it is known under the name of "Eagle's Eye". Today, Pietersite is also mined in South Africa and Russia.

Although there are no historical records of the uses of this stone or about its metaphysical properties, contemporary crystal healers almost unanimously state that Pietersite is a high-vibrational stone that promotes spiritual development and emotional healing on the deepest level. Furthermore, Pietersite's grounding energies dissipate self-delusion and escapism, putting one back in touch with reality.

Pietersite is a stone of chaos. Often people are stuck in a rut, not getting anywhere because they resist change. Chaos creates a situation that forces people to release old mindsets and emotional patterns so that they can open up to new possibilities and change. Wearing or carrying a piece of Pietersite helps one to weather unexpected changes in life and learn from the experience. As the saying goes: "What doesn't break you makes you stronger and wiser".

Pietersite is a perfect stone for people who haven't realized their full potential because they are caught up in their comfort zone. The vibrations of this stone help to motivate and inspire one to transcend one's personal boundaries and manifest one's unused potential. Such changes will open new doors to different opportunities for success and good fortune.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Pietersite will greatly enhance your psychic and telepathic powers. Pietersite is especially helpful in arousing your potential for clairvoyance and prophetic vision. If you place a piece of Pietersite under your pillow before going to sleep you will receive clear night visions and lucid dreams. When you wake up the following morning, you can hold the piece of Pietersite against your third eye to help you remember the important details of your dream.