Yellow Sapphire

Description for Birthstone: Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

In ancient times the Yellow Sapphire was used as a talisman for protection against poverty and snakebites.

In traditional Indian Vedic astrology the Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone for wealth. Therefore, many merchants in Indo-China wear a Yellow Sapphire as a personal talisman. The Yellow Sapphire is usually worn in such a way that the stone touches the body; like for example as a beaded necklace or bracelet.

Yellow Sapphire is the stone of success. It encourages a winner's attitude in all endeavors especially in business; It's energies give ambition, endurance, and determination. Carrying or wearing a piece of Yellow Sapphire helps you to see the big picture rather than an isolated part of the puzzle. This allows you to identify opportunities for making a successful deal or investment. Moreover, the stone's vibrations intensify one's cognitive powers for making the right decisions.

Yellow Sapphire is a powerful manifestation crystal. It is also a stone of creativity, which makes it an important crystal for artists, musicians and writers. By meditating with a Yellow Sapphire you can manifest almost any vision in your mind's eye. All you need to do is hold a Yellow Sapphire with your left hand against your third eye and create in your mind's eye the vision of that which you wish to manifest, like for example a beautiful new home, a full purse, or your wedding. Your third eye is the spot on your forehead just above the bridge of your nose half way between your eyebrows; in Indian Vedic tradition, the third eye is marked with a red dot.

If you are an artist or writer who is experiencing a creative block, place a piece of Yellow Sapphire under your pillow before going to sleep. You will see that the following morning you will wake up with new creative inspiration.

Lazy individuals lacking the stamina to complete the tasks, which they have taken upon themselves to do, can carry or wear a piece of Yellow Sapphire to boost their will power for accomplishing their goals.

Yellow Sapphire is the birthstone of asteroid Ceres. Ceres is the planet of nurturing, mothering and gardening; in other words, Ceres has to do with food and growth. Similarly, the Yellow Sapphire vibrates the energies of giving in return for receiving. On the one hand, the vibrations of the Yellow Sapphire arouse your generosity and desire to give and on the other hand, this very same generosity is the energy which draws abundance back into your life. Every time you've emptied your reserves to help others it will be automatically refilled with new bounty. Place a Yellow Sapphire into your money bag and you will see that it will never be empty.