Description for Birthstone: Dravite


Dravite is the lucky stone for psychologists, para-psychologists and writers. It supports a person's communicative abilities as well as past-life memory recall. This birthstone is an important crystalline ally for anyone dealing with past-life memory work.

This potent crystalline ally has the power to draw Divine synchronicities into your life. These synchronicities will make you encounter places, people, artifacts and even 'dejΓ  vu' situations from your past lives. Thus, wearing a piece of jewelry set with a Dravite will bring a lot of magic into your daily life. If you enjoy bizarre experiences that are out of this world, then Dravite is the perfect crystal for you.

If you or someone you care about are suffering from psychological instability, especially obsessive behavior patterns, then gift yourself or that person with a piece of Dravite. Unresolved issues from one or several past lives are causing these psychological disturbances. The energies of this crystal will help to release these past-life traumas from the subconscious mind and thereby allow for healing.

To heal yourself or someone who needs your prayers, take a piece of Dravite into your right hand and recite a prayer that the Creator will send healing dreams. As you recite your prayer, focus your intention on drawing Divine light and love into the crystal. After that, place the crystal under your pillow before going to sleep or give it to the person you prayed for and tell them to place it under his/her pillow. This will open a spiritual portal for receiving clear night visions to heal the spirit.

Meditating with a piece of Dravite can help to ground you and gain more control over your life. Take a piece of Dravite into your left hand and focus your thoughts on the issue that needs to be resolved. For example if you are suffering from unhealthy eating habits which have caused you overweight then during meditation focus your mind on your eating pattern and then visualize yourself how you will look like after you lose the surplus weight. This will allow for the memories from your past lives to enter your thoughts, so that you gain the necessary insights as for the causes of your behavior. Once you have understood the underlying causes for your issues, you can more easily create those changes necessary for healing your spirit and body.

Dravite is a powerful talisman for removing all forms of negativity from a person's spirit, thoughts and vibes. If you are a victim of ill-wishing or bad energies that have attached themselves to your being, then meditating with a piece of Dravite can cleanse you from all those psychic debris and create a protective shield of energy around you to ward off any negativity in the future. After this cleansing process, you will feel that all your pessimism has transformed into optimism.